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Spotter Saved My Dumbass


Max bench night, and had worked up to heavy singles raw. I have recently purchased my first shirt and had only done board presses in it twice. I asked the guys if I could put it on and try to touch in it, loaded the bar with a conservative 365 and then dumped it on my head. If not for my spotter, I probably would have a pretty good headache this morning.

Going from raw to shirted, and being a newb I failed to keep the bar in the groove. The good news is I still have my head, and after convincing the guys it wasn't a strength problem but a technique problem I touched and lockedout the 365.

Spotter is my new best friend.


Be careful with the shirt man. This is not an uncommon occurrence. My first time lifting off for someone in a shirt they did the same thing with 405. I caught it and managed to rack it but it scared the shit out of me. This is why it's nice (even necessary) to have side spotters, especially for near-max attempts.


Dumping the weight on my face has only made me more beautiful.


Chicks dig Olympic bar indentations on your forehead.


Spotters are priceless


GOOD spotters are priceless.

I've been left hanging on a few occasions by my "spotters". I always bench in the rack now.


Thanks for the save. Thankfully, I've never had a bad spotter.


That's why good knurling is so important!