Spoto Presses and Paused Deadlifts as Accessories

what % should you start with?
I’m doing classic 5/3/1 or 3/5/1 and thougth to use spoto presses after bench and paused deadlifts after deads, cause of obvious struggles. I’m thinking of doing 5sets of 5reps @50% or @FSL after normal sets of 5/3/1. Is there a scheme in the books i overread? what yould you consider doing.

After that i’m not doing fancy stuff, just 50-100 reps of abs, rows, pull etc. typical wendler stuff.

The goal in this block (4 cycles + 2 deload weeks) is not neccessary Hypertrophy, just building strenght and fix weak points.

They’re supplemental exercises. Just set a TM for them and use them wherever you would use supplemental exercises.


There is a template in Forever call Supplemental Heaven that might suite you. Simplest Strength Template might be a solid option as well.

I would say in your first week after your main work, work up to a 3-5 rep TM for those two movements and then just continue on through your cycles as needed. Probably going to have to set your TM for Spoto Press pretty low if you haven’t done it before.

Sorry for the late awser. I will look into it. Thx a lot.