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Spot Shots?


is spot shot's better for getting bigger or is the butt check always the best?
I have herd that if you go around like for instince:
.25cc Left pec
.25cc Right pec
.25cc Left bicep
.25cc Right bicep

so you would be getting the 1cc dose at 1 time just straight to the muscle is this better for getting bigger or just more painful?
it is 500mg/ml and 1 ml is 1 cc to my knowledge i might have slacked off in chem. class but i think i would still be getting the full 500 just spread around to where i wanted right?


I forgot to ask this can people give me some info WHATS THE AVERAGE CURL myn is considered pretty good from what my freinds have told me but i think there blowin smoke up my ass what is yours


Site injections will do absolutely nothing for you exept some local inflamation. The steroid must reach the blood stream for it to be active, it is inactive in the muscle as the ester has not yet been cleaved off.

If this weren't the case, everyone would have really huge asses.


Is that the case for synthol as well?


With synthol you are injecting ever so increasing volumes of an oily substance in the base of your muscle facia. The protocols are quite intense as you are injecting several spots on each arm and slowly increasing the volumes of fluid injected. This is a completely different thing, and don't forget it is the kidneys that ultimately have to deal with that junk.


You've got to be kidding me. What's a good curl? Who the hell measures their curls? I'll tell you what a good curl is. A good curl is any curl you do after spending an hour in the squat rack.


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I would avoid giving Newbie18 advice, he's 18 and it would appear he doesn't know jack shit about lifting.

You don't ask what someone's friggin curl is, you ask what their bent over row, bench press, military press, squat, and deadlift are.

Those matter, curling does not, I rarely curl and I have decent biceps, why? I deadlift, and do my rowing.

Edit: and as a point of reference I would never inject into my bicep. Hit the quads or glutes man.


All of our average curls is 225lbs of course since we are all on steroids.

Newbie18...One is that you are still way too young to be thinking about doing steroids because your body is already full of testosterone at your age. Second you are on the wrong board trying to learn about steroids. There are many other sites that have a lot more info about them where you can research and learn a lot more than here.

Hopefully if you do enough research and some years down the line you are still training hardcore then you might be ready to do steroids with the knowledge you know.

But as of right now you are clueless and it sounds like whoever is giving you the information that you know is also clueless.


That is the best thing I've read in a while


The only curl I can do after Squats is foetal, trying not to puke!


whats curl?