Spot reduction?

I know spot reduction has been disproved and not believed for a long time, but Meltdown Training focuses on arm and leg work, not torso. The object is to get lactic acid in the areas where you are wanting to lose fat. Isn’t this spot reduction, at least in some capacity?

YEAH, it seems like that whole meltdown thing is trying to sell the theory of spot reduction, which has been proven (i think) not to work. kind of sounds like there should be a meltdown training for abs… just melt the fat off for abs… hmmmm… maybe an ab energizer does just that… (a lot of scarcasm)

I don’t know about anyone else, but doing abs has always worked for me. And it’s not the extra energy used in doing abs. I usually sacrifice time from somwhere else.
Isn’t exercise supposed to increase your resting metabolism rate in a specific area and make your muslce look for fat as food??? If this is true how can spot reduction not be true? I really never understood that!

Fat must be transported to the liver first to be transformed into ketones. then your body can use ketones as energy… “ketosis”… (fat is like fed ex…once the package is sent out, it goes to the hub first to be sorted, then shipped back out.) it doesn’t matter where the fat comes from, it will be transported to the liver first to be turned into something usefull… now from what i understand, is that the place you first gain your weight will be the first place you loose it…

The main idea I believe is to target the big area’s that lose fat first. The idea is to not atrophy the muscle in the smaller muscle area’s, such as the arms and calves. Just think of it like this, if you chew hella gum your face doesn’t ge ripped.

podge, fat that is liberated from adipose can go diectly to the mitochondria as free fatty acids and is transported via CPT1. the use of fat for ketones is more about keeping the brains supply of glucose up as ketones can cross the blood brain barrier. I personally feel that don was talking about visceral fat (within the abdomin) being used preferencially over adipose rather than site specific adipose use as the lipoysis enzymes/hormones are circulating throught the blood stream meaning fat from adipose will be taken slighlty more evenly from the body.

British Lifter, this is sort of what I remembered reading: A direct feed to the muslce mitochondria due to depletion. THe rest of what you posted is way beyond me. THere is also the case that fat will be deposited where you are most stagnant. Since westerners don’t use their waists that much the middle is the logical location. Is this indeed true or just some other pseudo-truth? It does sort of make sens to me. But I do undertand, by and large that ketosis is simple a way o satisfy the glycogen need… WOuld glutamine then interfere with Ketosis???