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Spot Reduction Cream? WTF?


What do you guys make of this?

(Both from T-Nation articles)

Dr. Eric Serrano:
'..if you topically apply licorice cream to an area, guess what happens? You lose fat in that area! I'm not making this stuff up, it's been confirmed through ultrasound measurements.'

Charles Poliquin:
'..Licorice root also has the advantage of lowering LDL and triglycerides; including helping convert T4 to T3. You can also put it on the abs and your fat levels will go down.'

I had never heard of this,or seen it anywhere else...did I miss a meeting?


I believe it's been mentioned that something like this is in the works or maybe it was just OG wishing for it constantly.


I have heard of yohimbe cream, and some people swear by it. Rub it one, do your cardio, and get hawt abz! Kinda suprised Poliquin's Lean Legs doesn't have licorice in it if it works (at least I didn't see it glancing over the ingredients, unless it is listed by a different name), but it does have yohimbe in it, go figure.


I have heard this works, but you have to be lean to really see a difference. This is not meant to be a magic cream that melts off mountains of flab and lard, so work on leaning out before you consider this. Laroyal told me that Lean Legs works personally among his clients.


yes to the first part


Whatever it is i believe that the moment someone finds something they can PROVE works, its going to be patented, and you will not be able to escape the advertising for it. It would be on everything from oprah to advertised by cosmetic surgeons (next to botox). Until that time i really don't think any of us in a position or even in need to start experimenting with it.


I could swear Bill Roberts said that Biotest had this ready to go, like 2 years ago.


Well,now,this is what got me,I weas like WTF? where's the Biotest licorice shit at?


Do you think I could melt bacon with it?


Anaconda has been used for a little while now, but not available to the public :shrug: