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Spot reducing drugs?

I once read about a topical ointment that contained yohimbee (Yo be lean cream?). It was designed for spot reduction for people with stubborn lower body fat. I was wondering if any of you guys had any experience or thoughts on it? I work with a 30 yo woman who is very leg heavy and wants to try this stuff. Is it worth it?

Yo Be Lean is no longer made. It was made by Essentials Inc, a company run by the late Dan Duchaine, but production ceased a couple of years ago because they could no longer source the raw materials (from Italy, I was told). As to whether it was really effective I have my doubts, although it WAS great at leaving a disgusting brown stain on my bedding. If you want a spot reducer then I believe that Biotest have one on the pipeline, although if your friend is THAT leg heavy then maybe more general fat loss strategies may be more suitable e.g. MD6.