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Spot reducing creams and ointments

PLEASE no flames on this one. This is actually a serious post.

There has been a lot of talk of creams and/or sprays and/or ointments that purportedly reduce fat levels on the area in which it is applied.

First of all, I'm not talking about a diuretic applied topically...I'm talking about true fat reduction in a particular area where the product is applied. That being said, I don't believe that anything exists right now that actually works.

BUT...there was a time that I didn't believe a supplement could help me gain tremendous amounts of muscle, either (obviously without using anabolic steroids). Mag-10 permanently changed my views.

My question is two-fold. Has ANYONE actually used a product like this with any success (not a topically applied diuretic, mind you, I'm talking total fat reduction sans diuretic!) The second part of the question is aimed at Biotest:

IF such a product is possible, are the good people of Biotest engaged in any R&D regarding it.

Bill Roberts, et. al., feel free to jump in here and let us all know the skinny (pun very much intended).

Bill has already addressed this. He said that he and Biotest worked on a few topicals but that none of them worked well enough to sell (or something like that.) I bet they worked better than all the other products sold as topical fat burners, but Biotest seems to have higher standards in this regard.

One problem I see is when a person goes on a diet and starts doing cardio while using the topicals. Of course they’ll lose some fat, so how can they judge the product?

T-mag writers have been asked about this a bunch, most recently in the new paper issue, and all of them said they didn’t work, or didn’t work well enough to actually notice anything or justify the costs.

yohimburn from anabolic fitness. It works. If you want user’s experience, go to the elite fitness board and read threads on yohimburn.

Though I agree with nick that user feedback on topical yohimbe products do suggest they would help, I disagree that the elite board is the best place to get that feedback seeing as how some of the moderators have a financial interest in the product and have been rumored to be editing and/or deleting posts regarding the competitors product.

I got a bottle of yohimburn free, so decided to try a little experiment. I used it on one side of my chest for two weeks. After two weeks, half the bottle was gone, and one side of my chest has noticably more fat on it than the other. So I finished up the other half on the other side of my chest, and they evened out. However, at $80 a bottle I would never recommend this stuff to anyone. It just didn’t work that good. It might be helpful to a bodybuilder before a show, on those stubborn fat deposits, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.

Yes, this has been discussed before but this might be interesting to you. I’m on and off user of Fat Fast. When I’m on FF, I always lose fat fairly equally in my midsection and my thighs. However, during a recent four-week FF cycle I also used a product called Lipoderm-Y which is a yohimbine topical. The first two weeks when I applied it only to my abdomen, I lost fat only at my abdomen but my thighs wouldn’t shrink a millimeter. The remaining two weeks I applied it only to my thighs and lost fat there but my midsection wouldn’t budge. This isn’t conclusive proof but I’m not sure how to explain it.

I can’t explain this, but I heard that the fat doesn’t get “burned” but merely moves somewhere else with these types of products.

I agreewith NastyNas that mods at elite are biased, especially when it comes to reviewing IP products because many of them are dealers of mexian steroids themselves. But you can’tassume that everyone who posts there is biased or has a financial interest in yohimburn, that would be a little paranoid :slight_smile: Besides it worked for me, and thats all the proof I need for myself. (I used it on my face).
I agree with Choad too that the product is overpriced, but the only alternative for spot reduction is liposuction which costs thousands.

I used LipoDerm-Y for about 3 weeks and could not tell that it did anything. That’s just my experience with it, I have read alot of good and bad feedback on it. I wish BioTest would/could develope a topical fatloss gel that I could use on my damn gyno lumps.

I used a Yohimbe cream 2 years ago which was designed by the late Dan Duchaine. Forgot its name though. I used it on my obliques and they went down some.