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Spot Reduce

My question is about Yohimbine or Yohimbe and spot reducing. Wouldnt using yohimbine or yohimbe to lose fat be considered spot reducing. I was under the impression that is was not possible. Any comments?

In general, spot reduction isn’t really possible but its nice to dream.
Yohimbe is supposed to be a good alpha2 blocker and theoretically would prevent fat storage in hard to get at areas w/ high # of receptors. I remember Duchaine describing in old MM topical prep of dmso and yohimbe or even suggested multiple microinjections for localized effect…
Personally, I never found yohimbe to have any real fat-loss properties but I do get a serious libido boost.

It’s not really spot reducing. It happens to turn off certain fat receptors(Alpha-2, I believe), which happen to be concentrated in certain areas of the body. So, while Yohimbe is very effective at reducing fat where those areas happen to be on your particular body, you cannot pick and choose where to lose the fat from.

Additionally, I think that people often take statements like "spot reduction is not possible" out of context. If you consider losing fat primarily in one area due to a concentration of fat recptors that have been "turned off" by yohimbie to be spot reduction, then it's obviously possible. That adage that spot reduction is not possible generally refers to exercise. As in, 1000 situps a day aren't going to give you ripped abs, etc. Hope this helps.