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Spot Injections

Hey guys I just thought I would ask if anyone has noticed improvements in certian muscles when injecting them? For example your biceps or calves. I am talking about injections with AAS and not IGF or any other peptides.

If so, how long did it take to start to notice the results?


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
No. You won’t. It’s physiologically impossible, unless we are talking the ‘synthol effect’ i.e. the volume of oil injected creates a temporary swelling.


Does this mean that IGF does not cause site growth over a prolonged period of use? Or is this just a myth?

You specifically asked about AAS and not IGF, so I’m pretty sure BBB is talking about AAS.

In my experience, IGF-1, used correctly, can indeed induce localized growth. This will happen over a long period of time, however (like 6 months), and one should not expect immediate results.

Don’t worry about spot injections, they aren’t going to “enhance” the area, only complicate things by injecting into areas that have higher concentrations of nerves to get into and additionally if you’re using an oil based product, you want a deep IM inj, not something you’re going to get from a calf injection).

I had a buddy who thought he was going to do that with his bicep and it looks like somebody smacked him in the arm with a hammer.

If it were me, I’d just stick with quads, glutes, and shoulders.

I know I was asking specifically about AAS but I thought since he said that is was physiologically impossible I would ask about IGF.

I am only asking because I inject biceps and love it…it’s easy for me to get to and I experience no pain but, I have never noticed and growth that is out of the ordinary.

To answer BBB, I was not talking about the synthol effect either, thats just not for me lol.

Matttchew: what caused your buddies arm to look so bad? Was it swollen and red or what happened?

Black and blue! Looked like somebody decked him. Not abcess-like or infected, just busted up. Who know if the moron used a fill needle or something retarded; he’s a bit of a meathead, but from everything i’ve read and experienced, there’s really no added advantage to spot inj’s with AAS. I mean he coulda blown a vein or something, not sure.

On my first cycle I was a big fan of injecting calves in hopes of some extra growth there, but never got anything. I also decided to stop that b/c a member posted a study that showed less test is absorbed when injected into smaller muscle groups. Been injecting into just the quads my second time around and I’m noticing better results. Might just be placebo but I think not.