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Sportsman of the Year

To no suprise, the S.I. “Sportsman of the year”, one and only Lance Armstrong! And he deserves it! 4 time Tour De France winner and a cancer survior! Unbelievable!!!

rightfully so. have you seen the new espn comercial.lol

Actually I think Cael Sanderson would have been a better choice for 2002.

lance who? what about #25 barry bonds. this is america baby. the only bicycling we care about is the stationary at the gym.

Look at the title, folks. “Sportsman.” That means a lot more than just winning the game. A true “sportsman” is some one of character, what they are off the field as well as on the field. Lance is heavily involved in cancer support and financing. Every where he goes, he meets people who look to him for inspiration to get through treatment. Here’s a quote directly from his official website:

What’s Lance think of this role? “It’s not a burden, and I’ll do it until they ask me not to. Someday there might be a 15-year-old girl who won’t know or care who Lance Armstrong is, and someone else can step in and be her inspiration. Until then, I’ll try to meet every request, every person who can use some help.”

Now that’s a stand-up guy. There was an anti-perspirant commercial years ago that featured Charles Barkley. In that commercial, he emphatically announced, “I am not a role model.” Well, Lance every day is saying “I am not some one else’s miracle cure,” but he definitely IS a role model.

barkley was 100% correct in his statements. pro athletes/musicians/actors should not be the role models of our youth. most are looked upon as some kind of superhero that children aspire to be like. when in fact 99.999% of us will never reach that level. having a role model such as a pro athlete only creates false hopes. what happens if that “role model” gets caught smoking marijuana, should all children look up to that also? parents, grandparents, school teachers, etc… real people should be role models for our youth.

My view is that he is a role model NOT because he’s won a race or two, but because of what he does OFF the field, and that IS something that any one can do. He’s gotten a lot of press for being a cancer survivor and being able to regain the top of his sport, yes. But how many sports people have been able to influence the government to up the cancer research spending on the order of $690 million? Read up on the Ride for the Roses, and how Lance deals with children with cancer. Sure, he’s a sports legend (at least in the cycling world), but off the bike he’s a real person that happens to be a cancer survivor, and feels a duty to help others who are facing the same battle he fought. THAT’S a real hero.

I agree that Lance Armstrong was a good pick for “Sportsman of the Year”. He is quite a sportsman off the field and an amazing athlete (at what he does) on it. Now, let’s get to Barry Bonds. He’s certainly a prolific home run hitter, a great hitter in all aspects of the game for that matter. But a sportsman? Nah, don’t think so.

Well Said!!!

Thumbs up on Armstrong. All the way. This guy is nails. An inspiration to all of us! This guy looked death in the face and beat cancer.

Bonds? Thumbs down. I don’t have any respect for someone who repeatedly lies about his anabolics usage. Natural? Yeah, I gained 60 pounds of muscle without gear too! Right.
And that’s besides the fact that the guy is a prick to just about everybody out there. Let’s see him jack 70 out on “creatine”…

Ok, if the award is meant for not only what he accomplished, but what he does when not riding his bike, Armstrong is a great choice.

In my opinion the most impressive sports performance was Cael Sandersons.

“Cael, what are you going to do now that you won?”

“I don’t know, probably take my brother fishing.”

your kidding right? first of all give me an example of his being a “prick.” secondly your unsubstantiated claims about steroid usage are a joke. do you have personal knowledge that he juiced? no, so dont accuse him of it. if you followed the mans career you would know that he has progressively become bigger and stronger over the last 10-15 years. is it not possible to put on 60lbs of muscle in ten years? in my experience, when someone accuses others of steroid use it is simply out of jealousy. your physique cannot match his, so you make false accusations to account for the mans accomplishments.

While “prick” may be too harsh a word to describe Bonds, he is by no means a nice guy. Several examples can be cited, namely the fact that his teammates do not get along with him at all and he is not a good clubhouse presence. This has been well documented in both television and print media, and also can be seen firsthand as he has been involved in visible arguments with teammates, most recently Jeff Kent this past season. His press conferences also show his arrogance. As for his possible steroid usage, I’ll say that I think he has used them. I’ll also say that I think he’d still be a great home run hitter if he hadn’t.

somebody forget to wear their airforce 1s? barry bonds is big puns role model, he’s just mad that the only thing barry does outside of baseball is “pop corn chicken” comercials. example of barry being a prick? how about hte pittsburg pirates? roid rage on kent? He’s a divisive force on the team and an ego too big for any locker room, i want my own personal gym. barry can’t even win a world series. he will be the dan marino of base ball! bunch of great records but never win the big game.

His actions on/off the field tell the story.
He might beat Hank Aaron’s HR record, but he will never get the respect. I have more respect for his Dad (Bobby) and I don’t think he holds any records at all.

Barry Bonds = No Class!!!

jcbart, obviously you arent from the bay area or anywhere close so ill enlighten you. the so called “jeff kent” incident was actually the “david bell/jeff kent” incident. to make a long story short kent was ripping bell (the most quiet business like man on the team) for his own mistake. bonds got in kents face to protect bell. if you didnt notice baker also got in kents face during that incident. but you prolly just accepted what your chris berman told you on espn. it is well known in this area that kent is a total asshole. bodyiq, again your ignorance of the game is overwhelming. bobby bonds holds the record for the most strikeouts in a single season. richard simmons, i have two words for you “ray fosse.”

Hey big pun, you’re obviously a very big Barry Bonds fan. You’re also “prolly” from the Bay Area and he’s one of your hometown heroes. That’s great. I think he’s a great player, as I’ve said. But I think his personality, the way he relates to fans, the media and teammates, really his persona in general, leaves lots to be desired. And Chris Berman didn’t tell me that.

Ok. Barry Bonds holds a record. So why don’t you just put me down and speak to me with zero respect.
Do you think that there is a conspiracy here amongst most of us in the good 'ol USA to make Barry the monster that he is? We didn’t make it up. He did it all on his own (deservedly so).
Anyhoo, I wish you luck with whatever pointless drivel you are attemping to soak us with.

it’s 420 fosse to you!lol