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Sports The Day After


Hi. I am training to get stronger, and more athletic for basketball. So I am doing a weight training program. But I also want to improve my basketball skills. Is it okay to play and practice for a good 3-4 hours the day after I have weightlifted?

Like if do a fullbody workout on monday, is it okay if I play basketball on tuesday?

I wont be sprinting, but I will be driving to the basket as hard as I can and I will be jumping around. Will playing intense basketball the day after lifting hurt my gains? I tried it today.
I lifted yesterday and I played today. My body doesnt really feel that sore the day after I lift so i thought it would be okay.


Play/practice hard the day of your lifting, and have a light practice the day after.
Good luck


A good strategy is to stack "high-intensity" stressors on the same day and "low-intensity" stressors on the same day. Note that high-intensity and low-intensity refer to their effect on the nervous system, not neccessarily the effort you put into them.

High-Intensity activities are maximal or near maximal lifts, explosive or oly lifts, "bodybuilding" (higher reps, submax weight) lifting where failure is reached, sprinting, agility work, full-game scrimmages, dunk practice, etc.

Low-Intensity activities are sub-maximal lifts stopping short of failure, sub-maximal speed work (tempo), sub-maximal agility work, and any sports skills that don't require a high force output to complete, such as shooting, ballhandling, passing, etc.

Also remember that in any team sport, weights are always subservient to skill work.

Here would be an ideal setup (IMO) if you had no constraints:

Monday AM- Intense 1 on 1 scrimmages or offense/defense drills.
Monday PM- Heavy Upper Body + Heavy Abs
Tuesday AM- Tons of shooting reps.
Tuesday PM- Tempo + High Rep Abs
Wednesday AM- Intense, full-court, 5 on 5 scrimmages.
Wednesday PM- Heavy Lower Body + Heavy Abs
Thursday- Individual ballhandling and passing session.
Friday- Full-Court Transition drills with an emphasis on driving to the basket.
Saturday AM- Tons of shooting reps.
Saturday PM- Repetition Upper Body, always stopping 1 rep short of failure.
Sunday- Rest

It would be a pretty intense workload, giving you 6 practice sessions and 4 lifting sessions a week. Obviously you could dial it back some.

That's how I would do it though.



It's fine. You're young. Play, play, play!


That sounded sarcastic.