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Sports Testing

So im coming off of a 10 week cycle of test e, and i read up on it that it will be in your system for up to 3 months after the last injection. My only concern is that i might get tested by the NCAA, is there any way to cleanse my body so i wouldnt get popped on a test??


^ X2. If you get tested, you are screwed.

If they run CIR testing on a urine sample…you’re likely caught. If they just run TE ratio, you might be okay.

This is kinda why you should do all your research especially when it comes to illegal substance and especially if you are drug tested athlete… I hope you the best and hope you get lucky but if you get caught be smarter next time.

yeah i know, i shouldve just run some test prop, but it was kind of an impulse buy. Thanks for all the help guys