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Sports Supplements Encyclopedia

anybody has read the John Berardi’s supplements enclyclopedia book?

  • How many pages this book contains?

I was wondering what kind of information you can find inside for a price as low as 9.99$??Is is useful?

By the way…any other great products from Berardi?

Thanks guys,

Hey, there, grimskunk! I’m sorry I can’t answer your question, as I’ve not seen the book, but don’t hesitate to drop JB an email if you don’t get an answer here on the forum.

I tried to contact him by the e-mail adress mentionned on his website but it seems offline…

Thats why I was trying to get some more information on this book.

Okay, I gotcha. Check your PMs.

Is this a CD or a book? Anything in print these days is bound to be outdated fast with the advent of the internet and all these innovations (with supplements in mind). Of course, it’s always nice to have it in your hand and not on the scren…

10 usd? that’s ok… check it out. you can probably get some sample pages online…