Sports Supplement Review 4th Edition

Hey has anyone read the new sports supplement review? I was wondering if they had the balls to review good 'ol Biotests supps. Any good info in the new edi? Just wanting to know before I shell out 5 bucks. If its as “transformed” as Muscle Media then I think I’ll keep my 5-er and use it as wiping paper or something.

I’ve just glanced at mine. However he does say some very nice things about biotest and its products.

I got mine for free. Anyways has positive things to say about Biotest, and other companies such as Prolab, Labrada etc. Even says MD-6 is a potent fat burner.
The author says ecdsterone and 7-methoxy are the nextwave of bodybuilding supplements, he particularly pushes protein+ecdysterone. I guess EAS must be selling it or will be selling it. Has good things to say about ALA and d-Pintol as glucose disposal agents. Creatine + ribose increases anaerobic work capacity and coleus forskohlii gets good reviews as a thermogenic amplifier. Other than that, nothing else senstational, but its worth 5.00. I only glimpsed through it for about 20 minutes, just my quick review.

got mine at the arnold classic-was a bit more over the top compared to butt plugg. the diet programs are pretty good for basing an overall bb plan on. they rip a bit on cytodyne (creatine in Methoxy Pro and the Xenadrine ads) which is kind of deserved, otherwise no real company slams BTW-does anyone know who vincent andrich is? somehow i think i met him before at a met tx booth during the 99 olympia,-maybe phillips stole one of connellys cronies

He did work for Met-rx.

Looks like EAS is pushing there own agenda to heavy - like 20-Hydroxyecdysone, supplement of the year (bullshit). They also get excited as hell about 5-methly-7, but remember, both products have a very long way to go before they’re proven. Nobody has done independent testing on this stuff and still holds to the old hard-on docs from Russia that have been sketchy at best. I was dissapointed and obviously, to date, there is absolutely NO unbiased supplement review out - nothing.

I don’t see why its so hard to understand why a company would want to promote there own products. Its called running a business. For example does anyone else see the Biotest logo on the top corner up there?!?

One thing I was disappointed with in the latest supplement review from EAS was the huge number of typos and the careless layout. Considering what it costs to publish something like this, I’m surprised they didn’t put more care (and some proofreading) into it. I know it’s all a writeoff as a promotional expense, but still, take some pride.
I can’t imagine any publishing company without a vested interest in supps will ever publish a “supplement review,” as there’s not nearly enough market for the expense. The hardcore audience isn’t large enough to justify the cost of a real book.

Not hard to justify a company plugging their products - BUT, EAS really went into left field with their supp of the year call - Hell, I think the last Muscle Media claimed, with HMB you don’t need steroids - in the Bigorexia article. Overall a pretty weak review.

Jose Antonio, Tom Incledon, John Berardi, Peter Lemon, Rick Kreider, Conrad Earnest, Doug Kalman. These are just some of the authors involved in publishing the FIRST unbiased Sports Supplement book. Not published by a supplement company, but by one of the worlds leading medical book publishers. 14 chapters, 350 pages, over a thousand scientific refereces. Must be educated, thus not intended for the Walmart shopper, but perfect for the T-mag reader.

Sounds great. And in what century will this be released.

The book Jeffrey Stout is talking about will be out at the end of July or early August. T-mag will probably review it for our “Stuff We Like” consumer reports column.

Ive gotta second Jeff’s comments. I havent seen all the other chapters, but the one I was involved in is damn good :wink: Seriously, though, the individuals involved are no joke, the topics are of MAJOR interest, and the content should provide a basis for how you guys should eat and supplement. There may be no discussion of some of the newer unproven supplements. But thats for a good reason. THEYRE UNPROVEN!

Hey guys, your new up-coming supplement review sounds really exciting. How about cost? Since its not going to be an advertisement like its predecessors, I assume there would be a cost associated with it. Not just shipping like the EAS version.

Its not a supplement review. Its a text book. Im not sure of the price.

Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to it!

Jose Antonio was touting that book for publication early last year. Hopefully he spent the last 12 months getting more info.

Sports Supplements, edited by Drs Joey Antonio and Jeff Stout is being published by Lippincott William and Wilkens, the publishers of major academic texts and the journal Medicine in Science Sports & Exercise. From what I see, besides my chapter it is excellant. This is a book that belongs in your training library.

Price: $34.95

Due to the complexity and length of the book, the project took longer than expected. Nonetheless, we believe that the book will serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in sport supplements. Also, you will notice that many of the contributors to our book also have contributed to T-mag and other industry mags.