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Sports Science?

Im entering my senior year of HS and im looking at colleges now trying to decide where it is i want to go when this year ends. One major i was thinking of was sports science, as i believe being something such as a strength and conditioning coach would be amazing. I was just wondering where i could find articles discussing what schools offer this as a major, what careers there are out of this program, and what kind of classes it entails. I live in NY and would like to go to a small school here.

Thanks for any help

Big Dirk,
Im going to be a senior also in highschool and i live in NY. Im also looking at colleges for exercise science. The good colleges that im looking at are Spingfield College in MA (very high reputation in those types of fields), University of Tampa, SUNY Cortland. Those are my top 3 for myself. I have a B average with a 1060 SAT. The types of jobs you can get are physical trainer to athletes, cardiac rehabiliation, corporate fitness or if you want in some colleges you can go 4 years for exercise science then if you dont like it, you can go into physical therapy or athletic training. Hope that helps. Feel free to ask anymore questions, Ill try to answer them.

thanks for the help. Do you know where to find a list of schools that offer the program? Im looking at cornell, university of rochester, hamilton, hobart and alfred U.

University of Connecticut has a Strength and Conditioning major. William Kraemer is a professor there

Penn State and do biomechanics under zatsiorsky.

I’m a Kinesiology minor at Penn State and seriously, our program is amazing. Also check out LSU, they have a pretty good dept too.