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Just wondering about something thats been on mind for a while. Playing rugby, obviously requires size, but being 5ft 10 190lbs at about 16% body fat, alot is fat. I was wondering, is it better to be lean (-10%) or to have more mass from the fat? Does it hinder your performance? Obviously putting on more muscle would be ideal, which will happen, just wondering for the now. I heard about carrying dead weight, but to me, it would help with the hits. (Sorry i didnt know where to post this) thanks


I guess it depends: I play football and on the one hand, weighting 20pounds more would allow me to stop ballcarriers easier, but if with the more weight I am not fast enough to get in position for the tackle it doesn´t help shit!


Is this serious?

Of course being leaner is better. You cant flex fat. Meaning you can run faster, jump higher and move more explosively in general when you are leaner at a particular bodyweight.

Hitting someone is just a force applied to another person. F = m * a. Start plugging in some realistic numbers and see what you come with for the F value. Losing 5lbs of fat may make the increase in speed outweigh the loss in mass. Depends how fast you currently are at your bodyweight I guess.


you are the fountain of knowlege bonez (no sarcasm dude)


I understand your explanation (i think!) but what about, for instance, scrums. If two people have the same muscle mass, but one is 10kgs heavier due to fat, then the heavier person would win the hit because of the bulk?

Im guessing, that extra bulk is superior in some aspects of the game and being leaner in others. Im not too good with wording.


unless youre stronger than the guy and have a higher level of stamina, notice props these days arent 270lb tubs of lard?


i wouldnt call 16 percent a tub of lard, but i understand props need extra fat, my fault because i brought up a position not specific to me -im a centre. I think it is just extra bulk would win in some areas, leaner in others like i said before. thanks


whoa, wernt calling you fat dude. it depends what youre calling bulk/mass. 250lbs 10% bf or 250lbs 20% bf? understand the point im trying to make?


Good idea would be to lose 10 lbs. and try to build up to 190 lbs. again with more muscle.


na i know you werent , dont worry. i meant a certain weight say 200 lbs at say 16% or the same muscle mass but lower fat say 185 lbs (cant do the math)


Oh yeah i know, but i just meant for short term


read this article (http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/11_myths_of_warrior_training)

Lifting and being stronger will NOT make you slower. What WILL make you slower is carrying more body fat, which will come if you try a bulk diet.


I have no idea how this is relevant, i know being stronger wont make you slower. Thats just obvious. I just meant whats better - more weight or leaner. Like i said, there are pros and cons for both