Sports Pages

Do you know how i can get in contact with sports pages in the UK to buy some serious training books. Ive looked all over net for an address with no joy. Please help.

just ring the directory inquiries and ask for the number of sports pages on tottenham court road (i think), when you get the number they will send you a photocopied list of all the books in a given subject they have available. I will look for the address and number and try to post it by monday. p.s it may be in the yellow pages (if they have a website if you dont have access to a london area copy, although a librairy should have access to all yellow pages throughout the country)

I take it that you haven’t done the obvious and gone to


Ive been to the website and could only find Complete keys to progress by John McCallum. So its looks like i’ll have to try the U.S.

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