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Sports Nutrition Smackdown, ZMA

after reading the article, I’m wondering if ZMA is any good?

there’s an inverview with Victor Conte in one of the previous issues, and ZMA is sold by biotest, too.

does anyone have any opinion or seen any other study on it?

I’m wondering this as well. I looked back at the old issue and noticed a particular phrase spoken: “Scientifically proven…” Anytime I hear or read this phrase, the ducks start quacking… quack quack.

as far as their claims, most likely garbage. i only take it for the deep sleep effect. i hold no delusion of waking to bigger muscles.

ZMA is great for better sleep and most everyone agrees that those minerals are necessary for healthy hormone function, including testosterone production.

I think in the Smackdown article, the person - Chris Street? - was just saying the study that lead Conte to make outrageous claims was poor. ZMA isn’t going to make you huge but it allows your body to fuction hormonally in an optimum way compared to if you had a deficiency in those minerals. At the very least, you get restful sleep. Worth the cheap price, even if Conte is a roid pimping crook! :slight_smile:

thanks for the replies.

well, I myself didn’t think it’ll make me huge or anything either. I was more concerned about how alot of NFL players are deficient in these minerals, although I have no idea how that applies to the general public.

anyway, I try to get as much from stuffs I eat, so I’m wondering what’s the good source for these minerals.


look here:


My sleep hasn’t improved a bit while taking it. I won’t buy it again.

I love ZMA! As do a lot of people on this board, it’s fairly cheap, wonderful for improving sleep!

Here’s the bottom line:

Will it make you big, no. Will regular use over time supplement your body with minerals for test production, yes. Is improved test production beneficial, yes. Is ZMA a good product, yes. Should you buy a truck load of zma, only if your training/diet and other levels of your heirarchy of needs (see article by CS) are in order and you’ve got a little cash to spend, although I’d recomend, mag10, tribex, Surge, and Grow before ZMA.

Works really well for me. I don’t use it everyday, but when a good nights sleep is needed or a drunk night comes about, it’s a perfect match.

I just don’t overexagerate it’s properties, like all supplement companies do with anything and everything.


Def helps me sleep better. Magnesium is a great muscle relaxer, and calcium channel blocker. Also Zinc is defecient in most men who dont use a mutli or eat organic. I just use a good mutli and Zma, and i also Zinc has alot to to with getting off hehe. I heard you lose about 10mg worth everytime you do. But thats trivial stuff right …hehe…

In all fairness, my schedule has been hell and I haven’t read the article yet (aahhh, heresy! :)), but,

it’s cheap, easy to use, so conduct your own experiment.

Buy a bottle, and take the recommended dosage of three capsules. Do it for a few nights. Then, go a few nights without taking it. Next, start up again for a week or so.

I’m willing to bet that you’ll feel a difference.

I get a much better quality of sleep when using it, plain and simple. And I’m not one who usually feel effects from the various types of supplements (although a few definitely do rock!)

Will it help you grow bigger muscles? I’m not sure. But sleep is definitely a requirement to adequately rest your central nervous system, so why not give it a shot?

if you have a high training volume over the week it is a beneficial product. good for sleep and preventing exercise induced cramps. just dont pay for the over priced shit. buy the basic stuff, thats all ya need.

I agree with most of the above posters. I just started using ZMA about 2 weeks ago, and I finally decided to try it out because 1) I have always had sleep problems, my whole life, and 2) ZMA is cheap!

After about 3 days of using it, I noticed a couple things. 1) I fall asleep much more easily. 2) I seem to have a much deeper sleep. In fact, maybe too deep. I’ve been having a harder time waking up in the morning, but once I get out of bed, I feel much more rested. 3) I am having very vivid dreams!! This is strange, I haven’t had such memorable dreams for a long time. Does anyone out there have any theories on why this is so!?

Give ZMA a shot and see if you notice anything. The increase in sleep quality is well worth it.


my dreams are more lucid and intense since i have started taking zma. still don’t sleep 7-8 hours straight though.

I started using ZMA this week after hearing of the sleep benifits… First night woke up the next and after I knocked out the cob webs felt more rested then I have in years… Second night woke up the next day and noticed I hadnt tossed or turned at all! this only happens a few times a year so I don’t think its a coincidence. Maybe this is all just a placebo effect but I don’t care its worth the money I pay!

I guess I’m a little different on the “cobwebs” and having a hard time waking up type of thing.

I drink tons of water during the day and usually get up in the middle of the night to hit the bathroom, and I’ve noticed that I pop right out of that deep sleep or vivid dream, no problem.

And when I get back in bed, I almost alway fall right back asleep.