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Sports Nutrition - Job Opening (Florida)


Got this in my inbox from ISSN.

Head of Nutrition, IMG Academies


· Manage IMG Performance Institute Nutrition Division and staff

· Manage revenue streams and reporting for nutrition department

· Educate Sports Academies, coaches and athletes on the value of nutrition to performance

· Deliver Athlete Development Programs in Nutrition

· Oversee the internship program for Nutrition

· Deliver 1:1 and group sessions for fulltime athletes, summer athletes, adults and professional athletes

· Lead the delivery of the Gatorade contract for IMG Academies and communicate appropriately how best to use Gatorade products


· Grow the IMG Performance Institute nutrition department and offers

· Lead the strategy for Supplementation at IMG Academies

Interpersonal and Relationships:

· Work in unison with the IMG Food and Beverage department to create health-based and performance specific menus

· Work in partnership with Physical Conditioning and Athletic Training departments and lead education

· Have the ability to relate to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from children to elite and professional athletes across a range of sports, and from different countries and cultures

· Ability to tailor message accordingly to broad client base

· Ability to manage strong personalities and influence accordingly

· Proactive personality who is a champion for nutrition on IMG Academies campus


· Understanding of latest research in the field of nutrition

· Ability to deliver current knowledge in realistic and practical terms

· Perceived credibility as a subject matter expert in the field of Nutrition

Salary $50,000 - $60,000 commensurate with experience

To apply for the job please send resume and cover letter to imgacademiesresume@imgworld.com. Closing date is 1pm Monday 6th September, 2010. For further information about IMG Academies please see www.imgacademies.com.




You gonna take it? It sounds like a good opportunity. 50K - 60K should go pretty far in Florida. Good luck.


Where are the requirements? like education, experience, etc?


Where are the requirements? like education, experience, etc?


No, I live in NY, not leaving, and earn more than this.

I posted it for those who might be in Florida and want this job.


It didn't mention requirements.

I get a lot of job postings. If you people appreciate I post them, then I'll continue.


Also, if I had interest in applying or accepting or if I got it, I don't think I'd be sharing here. :wink:


If you come across in training jobs in Ohio let me know, homie!


I appreciate it, even though I'll PROBABLY never apply to any of them. Just finished a degree in Kinesiology so I'm interested to see job opportunities that are at least sort of related to the field, in case my current plan doesn't work out. I'm sure there's gotta be others interested on this site, even if they don't post.


Take it from a fellow Kin grad, there isn't that much you can do with just a kinesiology degree. It's a great jumping board to physio, chiropractic, strength coaching, nutrition, etc, but on it's own it's not worth that much. I used to see job postings for "Kinesiologist" which basically makes you the gopher of a physiotherapist, or you could try for pharma/medical sales (which is what I did), but not all that much else. Will you be pursuing further education?

(out of curiosity, where'd you graduate...Guelph? Waterloo?)


Aside from self employment or entrepreneurship in sports nutrition (requires NO degree), in nearly every case, employment in sports nutrition requires a BS and/or MS in nutrition and/or RD, and in some cases, some type of combination of exercise physiology and nutrition education and training.

Regarding kinesiology, I've seen quite a few clinical positions at hospitals in NYC. St. Luke's hospital in NYC is hiring (saw it on Indeed.com).

What's funny is that alhough I'm not the most moral person on here, nor am I Mr. Good Samaritan, I like helping people out like this but at the same time get pinned as some guy trying to pull others down (see Sacrifice versus Reward thread).



Hiring for "kinesiologists"? Maybe the term has more meaning in the states. In Ontario you can put C.K (Certified Kinesiologist) after your name by mailing $150 to the kinesiology board...no test, no practicum...nothing. They send you a quarterly newsletter and a certificate, and that's about it

And please keep posting interesting job links.


My mom works at a Physio clinic in Scarborough (Toronto). Kins' make $17/hour. Brutal.


Yep, that's about the going rate. Kin grads usually have all sorts of information and facts stored in their brains, and very little practical, employable experience. I can't think of a reason a physio would even bother having one on staff, aside from fetching ice tape and therapy balls...unless it's some sort of internship or training program.


The one I saw is this:

Details forExercise Coordinator: Research
Address:Manhattan, NY 10001 (map) Date Posted:08/24/10
Job Type:Full-timeDescription
Company:Continuum Health Partners
Job Title: Exercise Coordinator: Research
Job Code: 11479
Location: Manhattan
Job Description:
Better Opportunities for a Better Career

St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospitals, affiliates of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, is a 1,076-bed, full-service community and tertiary care hospital. St. Luke's-Roosevelt was formed in 1979 by a merger of St. Luke's Hospital, adjacent to the campus of Columbia University, and The Roosevelt Hospital, located two blocks west of Columbus Circle.

The St. Luke's and Roosevelt Hospitals, established in 1846 and 1871, respectively, brought to their merger extraordinary records of medical "firsts" and commitment to their patients.

The Behavioral Science Research Unit at St. Luke"s-Roosevelt Hospital is seeking an Exercise Coordinator: Research to provide exercise intervention for participants randomized to exercise. The Exercise Facilitator will be trained and monitored in the administration of this intervention as well as the behavioral adherence program.

* Enter exercise data into the online system for the supervised exercise sessions as well as the off-site exercise expected during the continuation phase of the study.
* Review all participant documents for comprehensiveness and evaluate web-generated weekly reports of exercise data to verify accuracy and make real-time corrections as needed to ensure the accuracy of participants" exercise prescription and data.
* Work closely with the Research Assistant to schedule participants and follow-up with participants who miss appointments.
* Work with National Intervention Director on behavioral adherence program for participants.
* Maintains a thorough working knowledge of clinical research protocols
* Conducts adherence counseling sessions as per study protocol.
* Conducts manual guided interventions at acceptable level of competence/adherence
* Develops exercise plans with participants
* Schedules and collects data on assessments in accordance with research protocol
* Assists in coordination of patient"s medical and clinical care as needed
* Review participant documents for comprehensiveness to ensure accuracy of participants exercise prescription and data.
* Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care, based on physical, psychosocial, educational, safety, and related criteria, appropriate to the age of the patients served in assigned area
* Participates in regular clinical supervision meetings
* Participates in research team meetings
* Available to assist with management of clinical emergencies or other clinical events outside normal clinical hours as needed; may involve carrying a pager or cell phone for contact purposes
* May provide clinical supervision to other clinical research staff
* Maintains working knowledge of mandatory reporting requirements for suspected cases of abuse, neglect, and harm to self or others
* Maintains working knowledge of relevant confidentiality regulations

* Bachelors or Masters in Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology
* Computer proficiency required
* Experience in clinical research settings highly preferred
* Experience with manual guided therapeutic interventions preferred
* Experience with addiction/substance abusepopulation highly preferred
* Experience with written documentation of clinical records and intake and discharge summaries preferred
* Knowledge of community resources relevant to patient population preferred
* Has completed Child Abuse reporting requirements
* Human Subject Protection Certification required
* Maintain mental focus required to assure proper care and therapeutic interactions with participants, including possibly challenging clinical populations
* May be required to handle biological samples (e.g., urine, saliva, or blood)JOB

Continuum Health Partners is committed to diversity and equal opportunity.

Read more: http://newyork.ebayclassifieds.com/biotech-r-d-science/manhattan/exercise-coordinator-research/?ad=5510476&mpch=ads#ixzz0xweo2Nzn


And this one for Verizon.

Job Description

Job Title:
Job ID:
Location: NY - Rochester

Full/Part Time:

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This position is responsible for supporting the overall direction and development of the Health and Wellness programs for employees at Verizon Wireless. Interns will support the facilitation of fitness assessments (including health history, height, weight, circumference measurements, body composition, heart rate, blood pressure, submax VO2 bicycle testing, flexibility testing through the use of a sit and reach test, and muscular strength and endurance tests utilizing push-up and sit-up protocols).

Conduct equipment orientations including both cardiovascular equipment and resistance equipment. Provide one-on-one training, nutritional advice and exercise prescriptions. Help ensure a safe and clean facility by checking equipment, addressing and correcting malfunctions and maintaining an adequate inventory of supplies. Chart member attendance and progress. Support the development of incentive programs and motivation programs.

Assist with health promotion activities including seminars, lectures and workshops on a variety of health and wellness topics including nutritional topics, time and stress management and relaxation techniques. Assist with other fitness center programs that could include: flu shots, wellness messages, health screenings, blood drives, body composition and blood pressure checks, and charitable events.

Current college student pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Exercise Science, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology or a related field. Student must be at the junior level and above. Excellent communication skills. Ability to work a flexible schedule.

Ability to meet deadlines and work in a fast paced work environment. CPR, First Aid & AED Certification required. Experience with fitness assessments/testing and personal training strongly preferred. Be committed to encourage and motivate others to exercise and maintain healthy lifestyle through personal example.
Equal Employment Opportunity


you all depress me.


I take it you're a kin? You can still do a lot of different things, if you're willing to do 1-2 years more school...

-Ergonomics: Very good money and job security, increasing demand.
-Prosthetics/Orthotics: Another 2 years of school. Probably one of the most rewarding career fields I can think of
-Dietician/Nutritionist: Ask Bricknyce about this...
-Chiropody: Can make great money, but your salary depends on how many pairs of custom orthotics you can sell, and you have to deal with some sick shit like diabetic foot debridement...
-Chiropractic: In Canada I wouldn't go anywhere near this, don't know if it's any better in the states...
-Occupational Therapy: Increasing demand, not that hard to get into OT school, very worthwhile career


thanks for the advice! I am about to graduate in December with a kin degree, i was planning on taking a year off to see what kind of jobs were available before applying to grad school, but if there are no worthwhile jobs with only a BS, maybe i should be thinking about grad school a little sooner?