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Sports Nutrition Books

I have just purchased ‘The New Power Program’ by Dr Michael Colgan and will be following his 25 week plan. At the back of the book is a small section on sports nutrition with a sample diet he dosent give much away only small snips. However the book does go against stuff from one of his books ‘optimum sports nutrition’ are there any athletes who follow his work? Or can someone recommend up to date readings.

One more question i’ve been looking around the net for sport nutrition book and come across work by Artemis P Simopoulos, his books range from £100 to £300 ($200 -$600) this is a lot of money what are you paying for thats not in other cheaper books?

YES! Another Colganite! :slight_smile:

Actually when I started lifting 5 years ago, OSN was my first tome of sports nutrition. It was my first introduction to the glaring controversey that the Muscle rags tend to perpetuate…

Though in my experience, I’ve found that my body DOES respond to “calorie counting” contrary to what Colgan postulates in the book.

The new book though, which you just bought, seems to be almost “more of the same”…like you say there’s no real earth shattering nutritional advice (at least to those of us who frequent this excellent site)…

But dude it was JUST printed THIS year! I haven't been able to find anything newer than that! hehehe

Anyone else with Colgan input???


Artemis’s books are cheap. You’re looking at the World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics. Amazon has 3 Simopoulos books under $20 and one under 50