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I'm going to cut to the chase: injury is something every serious athlete is usually going to have to deal with over his/her training career. With it being such a cross-cutting concern, I'd like to see a Sports Injuries Forum here at T-Nation.

Having injury-related threads spread over the plethora of existing forums is pretty inefficient. A more centralized approach would make things easier to find and to maintain (think: sticky threads, categorization etc.). Besides, think synergy: sometimes there are different approaches to treat an injury, so reading about individual experiences about and sport-specific approaches towards injury treatment might be pretty invaluable.

Actually, I'm wondering why there isn't such a forum, yet. Legal issues?

What's your take on this, guys, gals, mods?

edit: funny. Hadn't intended to make this topic 'multi-threaded'.


As a guy with a herniated disc, and undergoing ACL surgery in March I X2 this. I think at least 1 sticky with links to the best articles and and injury related discussions would be very, very helpful for those of us recovering from or suffering a sports injury.


Injuries are the NUMBER ONE reason I've failed to make better progress over the years.

A forum designated for discussion of, prevention of, rehabbing, working around, and living with injuries would be great! Thanks for posting this, Fatty.

Consider this my vote YES.


Excellent suggestion. I spent more time in 2009 dealing with injuries than ever before. 2 that could have been avoided and one accident that I'm dealing with now.


I gave a good amount of information to a member not to long ago about knee rehabilitation and others thought it was good info. Now it's long gone under various threads. It would be easier to have one forum for it instead of people posting in GAL and BB training.

I'm sure everyone has faced a injury and could help others with the same problem. I for one HAD (knock on wood) very problematic knees hence me helping a member out with it.

Vote from me.


I think a Sports Injury Forum is more than needed, you have my vote.


I agree, every forum (even SAMA, I think, haha) has had more than a few threads about breaking something during physical activity. It would be nice to have them all in one spot, and probably cut down on a lot of unnecessary duplication.


I've thought this same exact thing for a while now. Hope they do it.


I fully agree with your idea. Being able to have access to this type of information would most certainly be invaluable even if it is just what type of dr would be best for someone to see. Also being able to read how people have rehabbed the same injury different ways with the results can only help.

I vote YES.


Injuries are a way of life for the avid bodybuilder/powerlifter. A forum would be most helpful. A big Yes vote for me.


I have two hands, thus when sitting in the back of class, it looks like two votes.

As a former collegiate athlete, you can have 'em both.


I don't think hearts count, PMPM.




I agree an injury prevention/unofficial rehab forum could be very usefull. As several of you have said, most of us have suffered some sort of injury, and maybe someone elses wisdom could have sped recovery along alittle faster.


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This is a great idea.

While it can be dangerous to use the internet as your ONLY recourse when it comes to diagnosing/ treating an injury. Using Dante's broomstick stretches for my shoulders has done more in the space of 2 months than spending hundreds on rehab and physio.

It would be good to have a forum where we can discuss working around injuries and still getting big and strong as opposed to physio advice given with the non-trainng population in mind. i.e. get to where you can type and put clothes on without pain and that's it.


Yeah but there should be a thread stickied from the beggining explaning that it is not a professionnal physician opinion and blablablabla


Sounds like a good idea. Sure, there's a potential for something to go wrong in terms of diagnosing or treating injury over the internet (as there is outside of the internet) - but the threads already exist and the recommendations are already being made, just in a dozen subforums rather than one.


I disagree also. I'm sure anyone who trains hard and reached the age of, say 35, knows the frustration involved with going through the medical system with some of these injuries we get. I think in many cases, maybe even most cases, you're better off finding people via the internet who have delt with similar injuries and have information to share. Maybe CT has been in a position where he has access to outstanding professional help in the area of diagnosing and treating sports related injuries, but I'm certain that is not the case for most of us.

Obviously if you tear a labarum, blow out an ACL or have some kind of other structural damage, the net is not your friend and you need to get your ass to a physician.


I want.