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Sports Illustrated

Big shout to T-Nation in this week’s Sports Illustrated, the Supplements article that preceded the Manny Ramirez article. Anybody else see this?

I thought it was awesome. Congrats to the guys at TMuscle

For those of us who don’t get Sports Illustrated, what’s the article about exactly?

If it sounds interesting I may have to go pick up a copy.

It’s not like SI is know for their supplement info.

i wouldnt exactly call it a big shout out

Heres the article, interesting read:


It’s a scary world for kids these days wanting to build muscle with a lot of junk supplements out there.

[quote]relentless2120 wrote:
i wouldnt exactly call it a big shout out[/quote]

Yea, that article made Biotest look bad…

“Designer drugs are hard to keep up with,” says Rusty Payne, a DEA spokesman. “We’re adapting and evolving, and the bad guys are doing the same thing to evade us.”

Why does that piss me off so much? Bad guys? Creating something legal until they say it’s illegal makes someone a bad guy?