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Sports Handicapping


I've just started my own online betting account for the NBA season. My first week was a success but it's only early days.

A bunch of my mates and I are thinking of subscribing to a Sports Handicapping Expert site. Does anyone have any recommendations that you have used?

Any info would be most appreciated.


wouldn't you think that if those betting advice sites were so good, why wouldn't they just invest their money?


Exactly. Or like how come a psychic never wins the lottery. If they can read the future, they should know what numbers will be selected and pick the winning numbers everytime.

To the OP, I have had some friends do the betting advice sites and got worked over. They listened to the "experts" instead of going with their own research and gut, and worked over for a few hundred bucks. They soon quit after that, so to them it wasn't worth it.