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Sports, Diet, Gym Routine Advice

Firstly, amazingly useful site guys. Thanks for putting the time in and posting great articles daily!

I am wondering if I can pick your brains for some advice.

Typically I cut in the summer and do mass gain diets in the winter, just like 90% of the rest of the gym people. This year however I want to play soccer this fall/winter.

I play a forward to I need to have great cardio and be fast. After reading the article “Truth About Bulking” I’ve decided to switch up my routine to work out in the mornings and eat a calorie positive diet to support muscle development. I’m going to increment by 250cals so that I don’t overeat myself as in past gain diets.

Gym- Compound exercises, focusing on cleans, snatches, deads, squats, box squats, bench, military, jump squats etc
Cardio- Games on Sunday and practice on Tues/Wed night

Add a good amount of quality muscle mass, stay in good cardio conditioning, and get stronger

Aside from protein and glutamine are there any supplements worth taking? I don’t have much experience with Creatine but would it assist in gaining muscle but not hampering my cardio conditioning?

Current Stats:
Age- 24
Height- 6’1
Weight- 178lbs
Body Fat- 7%
Size Ratio- Upper body dominant

I really appreciate any advice you have to offer :slight_smile:

Yes on the creatine yes on the others might think about trying Beta-7 it should help with soccer maintaining your drive endurance.

Other then that with what you gave sounds OK will it work might give it a try


Anybody else wishing to spread some knowledge?