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Sports Cycle Critique


stats: 23 6ft3in tall 220lbs roughly 12% bf(visible abs/ribs, striations in quads shoulders etc...)though this is just a guess
squat 405+ deadlift 550 bench 355
*all lifts are current have done more in the past at a higher body weight, not a PL or bodybuilder i am an athlete
goals:soley athletic performace(bigger, faster, stronger...) though any asthetic inprovements would be more than welcome. also minimal htpa shutdown because i train nearly all year round

cyclehistory: played with short cycles of PHs when i was young. been all natty for just over 2 years now

the cycle:
days 1-50 100mg anavar per day (its ugl i assume this is really between 70-80mg)
days 15-45 250iu HCG every 2 days

days 1-10 150mg clomid ed, 1mg aromasin ed
days 11-20 100mg clomid ed, .5mg aromasin ed
days 21-30 50mg clomid ed, .25mg aromasin ed
30+ continue tapering off aromasin if needed
- also 3g DAA and a natty t booster through out PCT
_ possibly add in ipamorelin or ghrp2 and cjc durring pct as i have a good deal of experience with peptides

1. Do you think aromasin will be needed on cycle do to the estrogen icrease from hcg or will the high dose of var be enough to keep gyno an water retention down?
2. will the addition of a test base likely prop or sust only add to suppression.
3. i rarely experience libido issues, however if i do, would anyone recomend the addition of proviron late in the cycle?


If you're willing to pin the HCG, why not just run a cycle of test?


A low dose test would be a good addition 250-350mg as the oral will shut you down regardless of HCG, the HCG will just make recovery easier


Plus run HCG 1000-1500iu 3x a week in first 3 weeks of pct if you want to recover well, the AI souring pct might be a little over kill for that long


uhh, No. Don't run HCG during PCT.


Use test prop as a base or don't cycle.

  1. Look at your ai dosing. Are you confusing aromasin with adex? You should use an ai because I'm assuming you're going to use test prop as a base.

  2. Anavar suppresses you to a larger degree than people previously believed, and your dose is nearly 3 times the studied dose, so I doubt it makes a difference. If you want to recover faster, do a shorter cycle with test prop as a base.

  3. Proviron increases free test. But so does aromasin. Which makes proviron a rubbish drug because that's all it does well. But I doubt you're going to have libido issues because you're going to use test prop as a base right?

HCG should be used BEFORE starting SERMS.


Why so? I've used it in pct successfully many times

See lots of people who talk about using it last 4-6 weeks of cycle then stopping before pct.

Or using it between end of cycle and start of pct?

What's your preferred method?


what about sust. starting day one and ending about day 35?? about 1 ml per week. this is a cheaper alternative to prop and i wont need to pin as much.
also what type of aromasin dose would be reccomended to control estrogen from both the sust and hcg ?
lastly, aside from lethargy and libido issues with var only, why is everyone so dead set on adding test? i wouldnt expect the addidtional gains to be that noticable. i was under the impression adding test or any aromatizing compound for that matter would only add to suppression


Do you really need someone to give you a profile of test? Let's see what test gives you...strength, libido, great as fuck mood, size if you eat for it, and amazing confidence.

Why do people who have no experience with steroids or a strong understanding of the science behind them insist on going against the grain? This dumb shit is about like the beginners who only do bicep curls and wonder why they don't have big arms.


Look up ester lengths.

Do not do sust. Aromasin 12.5mg EOD should suffice with prop and HCG.

You need to get the idea of var being less suppressive out of your head. Anything worth taking and taken at a sufficent dosage will suppress you to a large degree. If you can't accept or are unwilling to undertake such risks, don't use AAS.

Also, retaining gains from a cycle shorter than 8-10 weeks will be harder as it is insufficient time for your body to accept the accelerated gains you made on cycle and it will fight to retain homeostasis.

You should understand what I'm talking about if you have lost a lot of bodyfat or gained a lot of lean mass before even when natural.


HCG shouldn't be taken with SERMS unless using nolva for the purpose of estrogen control. This is outdated because of ais.

Using HCG with SERMS at the same time for the purpose of HPTA recovery is fucking stupid.


Point taken mate


To clarify:

HCG simply mimics LH, so taking it when we're trying to get the HPTA to recover is actually counterproductive.


DT is spot on.

you're either suppressed, or you're not. this became a confusing mess when people talked about short cycles and using them to minimize suppression... well pretty much every androgen is gonna cause significant HPTA suppression in a single week. there is simply no way around this...



You clearly need to do some more research