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Sports cream

Does anyone know what the best sports cream is for sore muscles or do they all have to have
Trolamine Salicylate as the main ingredient.

Most world-class and/or olympic athletes use Percutane Linimentum.

There’s stuff called Traumed, made by the German pharmaceutical company Heel BHI that you can get in health stores. It’s awesome. I like it much better than Bengay, IcyHot, FlaxAll, etc. Doesn’t have the weird smell and tingle, but gets the job done better than all of the above. The active ingredients are the herbs Calendula, Chamomile, Witch Hazel and Common Yarrow. Way back in an old issue of MM2K, Charles Poliquin recommended this stuff when it wasn’t available in the US and sold under the name Traumeel (and it still sells under that name from some retailers– try looking online). The only soreness cream you need– great stuff!

Another great cream out there is called Dolgit Cream. It is another cream that can only be bought on the internet. It is topical Ibuprofen that works very well. The benefits of it is it goes straight to the area that is hurt and does not get in your blood stream and effect your stomach or liver. It is the greatest!

If you have worked out hard, your prize is sore muscles. Don’t be wussy, carry your prize with proud. Pain killers are for wussies

when i did muay thai, we had linament, but we only used it when we were going to spar/train, it really helped, but i never used it just because i was sore the day after. you can find it at the ringside site (a boxing apparel) web site