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Sports College (Universiy)

Let me get straight to the point. i want to do a masters (not sure if you people over the pond call it a majors) in sports science or a related field in America, and would like your help.
I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the applying procedure is in America (im in England) and what the deadlines are? What the best sports colleges are? And is it too late to apply for the following year (i.e. 2008). Where to go if you are new to America?

The reason I am leaving it this late (as I believe your academic year begins in January), is that as I finished my Bsc Neuroscience degree, my father fell ill and instead of going to study further I had to work in order to support my family and brothers who are at school. But, my circumstances have now changed and would like to do a masters, but have no idea about the American college system, so require your help.

Info about myself;
Degree �?? Bsc Neuroscience
Degree classification �?? 2.1
University �?? Sheffield University
Age �?? 21

Any help would be great, cheers


Academic year usually begins in early fall for most colleges, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hop into them in the spring.

I believe the deadline was quickly approaching, at least for my school, for applying for graduate programs.

I would think you should just try e-mailing schools your interested in or calling them to ask about how you would go about applying.

Good luck.