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Sports Cars

Hey gang. When I graduate in May I will be in the market for a new sports car and was just looking for some opinions or suggestions. Ideally I’d love to own a Porsche, but unless I go for a used one, it’s not really going to be possible. (I do not care for the boxster.) I’d like to stay around the 40K price range, a little more would be ok. I think I’d like a convertible (a hard top convertible would be nice.)or at least something w/removable roof panel(s). Some cars I have been contemplating are the Audi TT, the Nissan 350Z, and the Honda S2000. These are some of the compact foreign cars I am considering, but I have not decided. American Sports cars are nice too (and an option), but I think I’d like something that is an everyday driver. Thanks in advance.

Try the duPont Registry (www2.dupontregistry.com/) for a listing of used exotics.

Definitely a Caterham 7 Superlight R500. Don’t even bother reading any other posts because Cats are the ULTIMATE sports cars! I’ve only ever seen one in real life & it sounded like a prop plane taking off. Go to www.caterham.co.uk & have a look.

Ahhhhh…to be young and single with money!! (I am not that damn old, just basically broke, because I am not single) The S2000 is a best buy, but it is a little low on torque, which is a notorious problem with Hondas, but perhaps concider a nice slightly used Acura NSX. The Caterham idea is not bad except for the tiny problem of getting the damn thing serviced, where do you go? I drove a BMW z3 with the inline-6…It’s a ball buster, I loved it. I f you don’t mind a 10 to 20 yr old car, you could even get an old Ferrari 308, 328, and/or I have even seen a 348 in that price range. Milages are typically low on Ferrari’s. But the service on them can be a bit pricey at times…Good luck, I am jelous(sp?)…

For 40Gs, you could go with an older Viper (sweet!) or a Firebird. Or, if you can find it, a testarosa.

The japanese sports cars are nice because of their reliability. the Acura NSX, Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Toyota Supra, Nissan 300 ZX and the Mazda RX7 are all nice little cars with some serious balls.

The STI version (the good one) of the WRX is coming stateside in 2004 with almost 300 horse. It handles as well and is as fast as a Porsche 911 but you wont feel like so much of a yuppie fuck driving it.

What’s the deal? Can’t get the stain out of the back of the SUV?

No, I’m keeping the SUV (and the stain)as a momento. (And to go skiing in.) But I want something smaller so I can’t do anything like that in it. And also so I can wrap myself around a telephone pole or at least get the cops attention off of pat and bionic :)About the size of a sports car, I had a 97 camaro SS and with the top down it was ok if she was on top…guess that’s why I said I’d prefer a convertible.

Acura NSX all the way. Will have to be used, though.

For in the 40k range you could get a Corvette Z06. This car will blow the doors off of just about anything out there. There really isn’t anything that can touch it “stock” in its price range.

Saab 9-3 Viggen convertible.

Or save yourself a bundle and get a
Subaru WRX. A big sunroof is almost as
good as a convertible…and it’ll be great
as an every day driver and you can use it
for skiing with its AWD.

I REALLY liked the new Dodge Stratus at this years auto show in detroit…sleek and sweet, and only about 23 grand…use the other 17 for something more constructive like savings account funds, LOL…I wouldn’t trust this job market for anything, save your $$$

The best value for money sports car you can buy would have to be a Twin Turbo Toyota Supra. Nissan GTR would be ideal, but because GTR’s are so expensive in America, you’d be better off getting a 996 Carrera.

Hey, thanks to everyone who responded. The duPont Registry is an awesome site, I’m all over it. While the Caterham is definatly interesting, it’s not quite what I’m looking for (the evryday driver thing.)Pat I think the s2000 is a great value, but I agree w/u about it’s lack of power. The Z3 is cool though, I’ve had the pleasure to test drive one. Also, a co-worker of mine has an NSX and for the cost its power is not too impressive. The ferrari idea is cool also. Bronx Bomber, the Vipers in my opinion are the cream of the crop. A few friends have em’ and I love those cars. they have power out the ass. However, being 22 the cost of my insurance rules them out. (on dupont registry I found an awesome 97 GTS blue w.white stripes, and only 20k miles for $46,000. I was all pumped up until I called some insurance companies. The best I could find was $10,000 PER YEAR. The firebirds are cool too, but last year I got rid of a 97 camaro ss, and when I drove the firebird, it felt exactly the same. I want something different. ko, all of the sports cars you listed are awesome vehicles, but everyone you listed is also discontinued (except the NSX.) If I am going to purchase something used for up to $40k, its going to be something exotic that you don’t see too many of. Tate, thanks bro, I’ve seen the WRX you are talking about in “car and driver”, but I can’t wait until 2004, and I am a yuppie fuck anyway :wink: Ratso…:wink: cockmongrel, NSX look the look, but they just don’t cook. PS I raced in NSX in my SS and blew the doors off of it. slm, I’ve never considered a saab, and a big sunroof is not quite as good as a convertible. I tried pissing out of a sunroof b4, what a mess. Long story, so nevermind. n_pacific, thanks but the stratus is not quite what I’m looking. Also, I know the job market is a bit shaky, but as long as there is a US government, I will have a job. And if there is no US government someday, then money will be the least of my worries. Thanks again everybody, I’m open to all ideas. Having a ball just researching this stuff.

One choice Audi S4.

AUDI S4. Looks plain Jane on the outside but hauls ass / handles great. Wont get noticed enough to be vandalized / stolen. 0-60 in 5 sec stock, Quattro all wheel drive, six speed gearbox. Bi-turbo 30 valve V6. 250HP 252FtLbs Torque. Chip it and you can go to 310HP 360 Torque with no reliability issues…

Either the Honda S2000, or try the Acura RSX S type. Drop in a cold air intake and the $2500.00 supercharger and your set. NOS tank optional

Dude get a BMW M3,M coupe(my fav.), or M Roadster. All about the right price, really fast 300+ horses and torque, handle incredibly, and look good. Unless you wanted to build a car up, in which case 40k could build you the fastest car for miles. A miata, supra, or 300zx would all be good for that.

Whatever you do, don’t buy an older used
Porsche 928. When running, they’re great
cars and I love them. But, the repair
costs are horrendous as is the repair
frequency. I had one a few years back,
it drove OK with only about $1000 in repair
costs the first year, but then another $3000
pretty quickly after that, and then it needed
another EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS in repairs.
At which point I consided it a total loss
and sold it for pennies on my dollar. From
what I’ve learned since, this was typical.

Great car though, other than that.