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Sports Announcers


These guys get paid big bucks to fill the air with trivia and idiotic play-by-play. My husband and I listen to these guys and just howl at some of the inane crap that comes out of their mouths.
Some of my favorites are comments like:

"If these guys want to win this game, they're gonna have to get more points on the board." Yeah, like no shit.

"They need to move the ball down the field." Again, no shit.

"He's using his athleticism." Well gee, I guess that's why he's a professional athlete with a multimillion dollar contract.

There are so many of these jewels spouted during every game, these are just a few. I gotta start writing them down.


Best job in the world. Some of these guys work once a week, and spend the rest of their time 'researching' ie. wathching and reading about sports. Definitely some inane and obvious stuff they say. They feel like they have to fill the silence.



Phil Simms

Somebody must have pulled him to the side and said "'Ya know, Phil...you don't have to make a comment on EVERYTHING that happens on the Field!"

He has gotten a lot better...but not only would he comment after EVERY play, penalty, time out, kick, down, and pause...but about every shot made of the crowd, the cheeleaders, the camera men, the Band...and he would go ON and ON and ON...!!!

There is another guy JUST like him (but I can't remember if he is on FOX or CBS). I'll check it out this weekend and repost. Obviously no one has pulled him to the side yet!

GREAT thread, G!



I've always wanted to kick Dick Vitale in the throat.


And who is the big black bald guy on the NFL post game show? He looks like his face is too small for his head.


i agree - there job is the best in the world. Basically gettin paid for stating the obvious. I dont know whats worse - the commentators or the players that get inetervied after. Soccer players here in the UK are great for cliche's though. These may not make sense to the guys in the USA but here are a few...

"well, yeah the ball is round" As in "You know anything can happen, the ball is round"

"At the end of the day" as in "at the end of the day i didnt mean to dive and play act on the floor like a dirty foreigner.

"To be fair" as on "To be fair the boy done good"

I love it when classic lines such as these are put together...

" well yeah, to be fair the ball is round and anything can happen, but at the end of the day to be fair the boy done good".

We are lucky though as some of our commentators have a genuine love for the sport...

Murray walker - Formula 1
Bill Mclaren - Rugby Union
Big Stevo - Rugby League

By the way Gojira - any chance we can see you in the "T vixens we want to !!!! thread?


I've posted a few photos on this site. I'll think about it.


well you have a younger UK fan here...



Macenroe does good commentary...but most of the others...bleh