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Sports and MMA Conditioning


Greetings; I am a beginner to the whole weight lifting lark, but I certainly am glad that I have found this thinktank full of erudite and articulate people to assist me in my endeavours of steel and iron. This is a great community from what I've seen so far.

Now that I've given credit where credit is due, I need some help.

I'm 19 years old, my relationship with intensive athleticism ended a few years ago when I stopped playing basketball at a pro-level in Greece. Now I have developed an interest in martial arts, and have been doing judo classes for a while. I plan to start some MMA classes soon also.

What I want to know is, if there is a competetive sport, aside from the actual martial arts training, I can integrate into my routine and enjoy for general cardio conditioning and honing of motor skills relevant to MMA?

I live in the UK, so American football or baseball and such aren't an option, but I have considered starting to play basketball again every once in a while, or maybe picking up "soccer" or volleyball.

Ideas? Thoughts?


Yeah have have you heard of cross training? You can give it a try http://www.crossfit.com/ they post workouts and then you try them out.

That is not enough although a good start, get swimming just for an overall fitness that will come pretty handy.

Rugby is fun too and provides good PC and is just fun! You should also explore other forms of graapling...let me know if i am heading the way you wanted or i if i am totally of.


Cross-training seems intriguing, and yea, your reply is the sort of food for thought I was looking for.

I have not considered rugby, I am not very familiar with the rules and physicality of it, but it seems like an injury prone, intense sport. Would playing rugby once or twice a week hinder my MMA training recovery, or be a more precarious injury threat than other sports?


Yes. If you want injury free try cross and swimming.