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Sports and Building a Physique

Hello my fellow proud testosterone driven attitude friends, and greetings from Peru.

I was just giving some thought as to how our occasional sport practice (be it with friends or whatever) affects our athleticism / physique for us maximum strength seekers.

Here in my country Soccer is the number one sport (I know a lot of Americans don’t appreciate it so bear with me please). This sport gives you an excellent lower body workout. Why would this happen if it lasts a lot and you are supposedly burning muscle? I believe it is because it is not a continuous pace sport, you are constantly changing from sprinting, to jogging, walking, sometimes standing and panting, and you even get several “1-rep-maxes” when you kick the ball with all your strength.

You can even make it a paired two leg workout if you practice kicking more with your non-dominant leg. And because of all of the stuff I mentioned above you also get a well deserved fat melting process. If you have watched this sport on T.V. you will have noticed imppresive lower body development by the pro’s. Like the contrary of marathon runners.

Another appreciated sport here is Tennis. My appreciation on this sport is kind of blured and bizarre, because the results don’t go along with the theory. Why aren’t tennis players getting physique enhancement even though they are also sprinting all the time and giving maximum effort shots constantly? The shots might reflect on the one good impact: One muscular arm.

Besides from that, the calves get some boost but the quadriceps don’t seem to get fast twitch fiber type packed. May it be because of the extensiveness of the matches? Well, it is still a fun sport and it’s not harmfull unless you get injured.

What are your opinions on the physique effect your culturally induced occasional sport practice induces? It would be nice to get some opinions and possible incorporate some basktetball equipment in my patio, haha.

Well, good luck to you guys, and if you have some free time it would be nice to read your well thought thoughts.