Sports Accomplishments

Thought it might be informative to the forum if those who ever competed and placed in any sports activities or competitions to enlighten us of their accomplishments. In other words “ring your own bell”. Whether it was rodeo, golf, powerlifting or bodybuilding.

I myself won the 1996 Mr. Buffalo (masters) bodybuilding competition and finished 2nd and 3rd several times in the NYS Natural in the 90’s.

-Won two local football weight lifting meets in HS (205 class); placed second in two others

-A small write up in Bigger, Faster, Stronger in HS

-All district lineman

-Dean’s List every semester (oh wait, that’s not sports…:wink:

A couple USCF District (state) Hillclimb Time Trial titles. Have finished top 3 in many bike races. In the early '90s I was a near-pro triathlete at the International and below distances.

Where do i start? haha

Georgia State Intramural Softball Champions two years in a row. All tournament team the second year. batted .700 with 7 homeruns in 6 games.

Runner Up to the School Slam Dunk contest in 2001.

Runner up 2003 National UCA cheerleading championships

Won two powerlifting meets but those arent a big deal. Nobody was there.

Powercleaned 335 in high school weightlifting competition.

All District in Football in high school. Took Bubba Sparx’s starting spot at tight end when i was in 10th grade.

I once hit a softball 400 feet.

I cant think of anything else right now.


4:32 half IM which got me 22nd out of 700+. beat a few pros that day.

undefeated in local trail duathlon…small race, but fun.

3rd in The Wildman Biathlon(10k run, 22 mile bike, 3 mile uphill/mtn run) out of a few hundred

broke 3 hrs in 4 out of 7 marathons

This past Sunday, Aug 24/03, I completed my first half-marathon! I certainly didn’t come close to winning the race, but I shaved off 6 minutes from my personal best time. I know some people think cardio is the devil, but I had some goals I made a little while ago that I feel I have to attain. eg. half-marathon…one day, marathon. Since I have stepped up my training sessons, thanks to the info I receive here from T-mag, I have continually become a stronger and faster runner. Training and running for me really compliment each other nicely.

mvp, all city baseball game.

offered D1 baseball scholarships and turned them down for academic scholarships.

I’m current reigning champion in the International Pocket-Pool League.

Said with a thick Arnold accent:

“Ya, I have not been beaten now for the last five years…”

double gold (sparring and paterns)at Taekwon Do provincial championships.

Bronze for sparring at Western Canadian Championships

Played DE for HS football. Runner up all CIF, with missing the 3 games against out of conference teams. Other then that I was voted for by every coach I played against as All CIF. Was voted all team county, invited to all star football games. Team came 1 game away from the championship played in Qualcomm stadium. All at the weight of 195(Smallest DLine in our league) and I never put up more then 225 in HS. Had a 4.9 40. So I was slow, not very strong, and small… but for some reason I was good.

The best part was the fact that I don’t talk trash, but my teammates would talk trash for me.

Favorite play… when I was playing OLB my sophomore year, read a swing pass, blew up the guy… hit him so hard my facemask broke off my helmet.

I’ve been competing in Highland Games for 9 years. I’ve won a few of the competitions I’ve been in, never finished worse than 5th (all as amateur A).
I’ve had some injuries so this is my last year.

My high school career was spent on the math and academic teams.

But I did take my class in a high school bodybuilding competition my senior year.

KU Intramural football champs - starting WR

2nd Place Dayton Church Softball Tournament 2002

2nd Place USSSA National Invitational Softball Tournament 2003

1st Place USSSA National Invitational Softball Tournament 2003

1st Place USSSA National Invitational Softball Tournament 2003

Bunch of various 3rd and 4th place finshes. Only remember the firsts and the seconds (coulda, woulda, shouldas).

Also won a bunch of leagues.

Starting All Star OF in Greater Flint Church League.

Once went 4 for 4 in a game where three hits were dingers and all were at least a 2 run shots (one was a grand slam). I thought the pitcher was gonna bean me. Always bat somewhere between .650 and .750. I have hit a HR that went about 415’ but that was with a Miken Ultra, so that doen’t realy count! I hit a shitty gold dot about 350’ with a Worth. Don’t hit many out anymore with a bum shoulder.

I am bragging about softball…I am a total dork.

High School State Champion in Discus (1995)

Top 10 in U.S. Juniors (19 and Under) in discus (165’ w/ 2kg)(1996)

Competed in USATF Junior National Championships in 1996

NCAA Division I Provisional Qualifer in Discus (185’ 5") in 2000

Ranked 29th in Division I in 2000

Finished year ranked 52nd in the U.S. in 2000 (Open and Collegiate)

I was also Conference Champion 2x in discus, 1x in shot, and 9x All-Conference but that wasn’t that big of a deal because it was a minor Conference.

Corner back on High School football team.

HS wrester 119 lbs and 125 lbs

Undefeated in College intramural wrestling

On Intramural championship football and soccer temas in Medical school

Only lift now, and once a year play football on thanksgiving with buddies.

Man, I miss it.

D-line in HS, 18 tackles and 1 sack in 3 games.

top 20 provincial swimmer for 10yr olds

Played hockey and had some Jr. A tryouts

although nothing outstanding my best dl is 315. That was 2 years ago before i tore my hip flexor. Gonna work on breaking that soon.

And best looking athlete ever voted by me. :wink:

High school(2002)

-All Conference TE/OLB
-First team from my town in 30 years to make final 4 in the county

-All County
-Team MVP
-2nd best faceoff % in County
-County Finalists(lost by 3, to the top ranked team in nation, Farmingdale)

I played at Hicksville, on LI…

Last year was my fresh season at CW Post… Started as a fresh on the Lax team as the faceoff guy, won 203 out of 305 faceoffs…2nd best percentage in the conference and 4th best in all of division 2…

Hopefully one day a division 2 championship, and all american…the two ultimate goals

Just last night, my Hicksville summer leauge team won the Nassau Advanced League Championship…

Any body else on these boards play Lax?

8th leading scorer in the nation last year NCAA Div. II Basketball.
All-West Region Team

wasted the msot time on body for life training.

killed someone with my first shot, at night, with no nightvision, got a 200M shot to the neck.

each country and her own sport…

In my season last year playing my first year of junior A hockey I beat the hell out of Traverse City’s captain in front of their home crowd of 2000 people. He had a lot of cheapshots and tried to beat up our smallest guy so he had it coming. How sweet it was…