Sport Training and Mag-10

I just bought four bottles of Mag-10 from biotest and I have a few questions regarding what I should do with it. First, here is some background information. I am eighteen years old and have been training since I was fourteen. I have read every single issue of t-mag so I am well versed in nutrition and training principles, and I have competed in powerlifting competitions when at the age of 15 I had a 400 deadlift. I know that Mag-10 was developed for older people, but I want an edge in my sport when I go to college.
Over the past year I have been leaning more and more towards renegade training than conventional strength and body building programs, because I play lacrosse and am going to play in college for a top nationally ranked school. My questions are: should I stop renegade training and do a more conventional lifting program when on Mag-10 or can I continue with my current program, which consists of alot of running, jump rope, GPP and weight training? The reason I am asking this is because I am not looking to get much bigger; just faster and stronger. I am leaning towards using the Mag-10 with an increase in volume of training under normal Davie's protocol while eating more than 1000 cals above maintenence, but any other opinions would be appreciated. Thanks.


If size isn’t your main concern at the moment, I am not sure why you would increase your cals by 1,000 and up the volume too too much. Perhaps a smaller increase in kcal and normal volume (hell, most Renegade programs I’ve seen are pretty demanding as it is) would be more conducive to your CURRENT goals. Putting some “good” size on might lead to better strength and speed IN THE FUTURE, however, so the decision is yours.

You answered your own question in your question. You are training to play lacrosse and want to stay athletic. You want to get faster and stronger, not necessarily bigger. Renegade Training will definitely help with keeping you athletic, fast and strong, and you will gain mass, especially if you use MAG-10 and continue to eat enough. So if I were you, I’d stick with Renegade Training. Eat plenty of food, take the MAG-10, and you should be pleasantly surprised with the results. Remember, what’s the point of just getting big if it doesn’t help you with your ultimate goal?

I would just like to say thanks for helping me choose my path!

Hey Chris, just wondering where you are playing in college next year, good to see some other lax guys on the board, BTW i play at CW Post as a freshman

why renegade training,Why not more conventional strenght training programs?What is so specail about renegade training,what world class athletes have been produced under renegade training.

chris r, sorry for going a little off-topic here, but I was wondering if you could tell me what was your height at 14 and what is your height now? Just wanted to get some real life evidence for the effects of heavy lifting on bone growth during teenage years.

I am going to play at Colby College in Maine. They were second in the NESCAC confrence last year(they lost to middlebury in the confrence game)
As for the message about why renegade training let me just say that I think it is the best program for athletes out there period. You asked me what world class athletes have been produced by it and honestly, I don’t know. You would have to ask Coach Davies.
At 14 I was about 6’2, and now I am 6’5. I don’t think heavy lifting has stunted my growth, but maybe I could have been 6’9, but then I would only weigh 150lbs and would look like a string bean!