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Sport Specific Cycles?

I have been a long time reader of the forums here (But never have posted) and I have gained a great deal of knowledge in the many hours I have spent here. So I will like to start my T-Nation forum career with a discussion.

Being a College athlete (I’m 22 though, not just another 18 year old kid)who has already had decent success in my sport, I would personally like to find new avenues to bring my game up a step higher in my final seasons.

Of course the ones first brought up by anybody would be nutrition and training styles which can be a huge discussion in itself. But of course I posted this in the steroid forum being that I would like to talk about the application of steroids in relation to specific sports.

My personal sport is American football so my interest lies largely in that. But I would like to hear others opinions on what could be useful in other sports as well.

Things that should be taken into consideration are what sides could be detrimental to the athlete as opposed to the bodybuilder or strength athlete. For example back pumps,loss of endurance, or Tren cough would not be good for a in season or even off season football player.

But at the other end of the spectrum the joint benefits that EQ and Deca have or the healing abilities of Anavar would be ideal for a in season football player.

Also I have to add that while many athletes are drug tested(me included)many are just tested by the “urinate in a cup and dip a piece of testing paper with almost instant results” kind of test that will not bring up the use of anabolic substances. So in some cases testing is not even a issue.

Now the topic I would like to discuss may aggravate some people here due to their stance on cheating and I acknowledge that but I would rather this not turn into a thread about the ethics of sport please.

So if you would like to contribute to the tread please list what cycles you think would be good for a athlete of a particular sport, in season or off, why it would be good for that kind of athlete, and anything else you will like to add. And of course I would like to hear cycles in regards to American football specifically.


so your drug tested or not?

The type of cycle you should consider will depend on your position…

Will the gear be used now (offseason) or during season?

Well I did say in my post that I was drug tested but the test is one of those cheap piss dip tests.

Gear could be used either in season or off season. I wanted to start a discussion on both topics equally.

As far as position I play Offensive Tackle. But please feel free to post about other positions and sports though please.

There is not much on these forums about steroids in sport. 70% of the posts here are just questions about how much PCT is needed and then followed by learn how to use the search function and flames etc etc.

Disclaimer–I in no way condone the use of AAS or peptides in a way that is contrary to the governing bodies of sports concerned. It’s cheating as far as I’m concerned, but I recognize that people wish to maintain their health and gain an edge on performance…

Well, although you may be able to skate by the cheap tests, it wouldn’t necessarily pay to discuss AAS in sport without considering the timing issue regarding testing. Sure, a lot of people will probably skate by, but you should never underestimate your opponent, either on the field or in the laboratory.

So in my opinion if weight class is not a concern, an optimal sports cycle option will include joint lubricating components (if that is an individual problem), short half life choices, and a mass/strength choice. Water weight should not bother a lineman in FB, as long as the strength/muscle gains contribute to increased overall power.

If weight class is a concern for fight sports, you would have to give up one of the choices (joint lubricating, mass/strength) for compounds that do not contribute to water retention. Or add it on top of the stack.

I may easily be wrong, but as far as I’m aware all the joint protecting AAS have a water retention component, as well as a large portion of mass drugs. And besides, mass is of no concern in weight classes unless you’re moving UP. You should keep the cycle mostly water-free and use compounds known to increase strength to a large degree.

By far the most important aspect from my personal perspective would be choosing AAS options with short clearance times.

I’d like to really hear the vets in on this one. Could be a good discussion.

Good points Aragorn. I was thinking alot of the same things.

I like this subject idea, i play gaelic football and have been bodybuilding for 6 years. I’m insidering running an anavar only cycle, as i can’t use any water retention compound and i don’t like the effects of winny. In my sport strength and speed are effential. Would love to hear from other GAA players on this subject.

An increase in aggression, strength and speed without a significant increase in mass or water retention would make halotestin the ultimate choice, especially during a season. Testosterone Suspension could also be used prior to a game/match for an extra bump in intensity.

Since you are tested, your only options are low dose testosterone suspension, insulin, GH, IGF-1, and designer steroids. Since I doubt you have access to a personal chemist you can rule out the designers.

With random testing now-a-days you are playing Russian Roulette if considering anything else.

Well the testing done at my and I know many other schools is just a test where the team trainer has you piss in a cup and then he dips a piece of paper in it that changes color according to its findings. The test only covers substances such as pot, coke, and a few others. No performance enhancing drugs. So its pretty much like we are not even tested. It causes problems for the guys that enjoy pot though lol.

Unsunghero, from my experience, many of the “bread and butter” cycles for bodybuilders and powerlifters can be used by other athletes. We want the same things they do, strength/power/endurance/weight-loss/weight-gain, we just train differently.

Something that I’ve learned from this forum, is that AAS use is different for every individual. We have to find out what works best for ourselves through trial and error.

For me, I like plain old testosterone. It gives you everything you want as an athlete, and different dosages and/or esters can be varied according to your goals.


Absolutely Jlly, but i also love the idea someone had of halo… if i wasnt such an edgy fucker, i’d use that.


[quote]Joe Joseph wrote:
Absolutely Jlly, but i also love the idea someone had of halo… if i wasnt such an edgy fucker, i’d use that.


I’ve had the good fortune to train with a two guys who fought in Pride and the old UFC, and apparently Halotestin was very popular back then. It was only used for a week or two prior to the fight from what I was told. It will make you an edgy fucker alright, lol…

For MMA, Boldenone (EQ) seems like it’s pretty common, but there’s been ALOT of failed drug tests with it though, so maybe running some Finasteride (Propecia) before you get tested would help, since it’s a masking agent for certain AAS. I think it covers up Nandrolone too, not too sure about that. Anyone else out there have more information on Finasteride and what substances it masks?


wow! didnt know that!

They are not testing you for steroids if they only use the dip stick. However if you suddenly gain 30 pounds and run faster then they may get suspicious and do a steroid test. I do not know how things work in whatever division you play ( D-1,2,3,or naia??). But I would find out before using anything.

Yeah, they only use the dipstick and I’ve had a student trainer tell me they don’t test for them directly. It is possible that they could have probable cause and initiate a full blown test. But I have not seen it and I have known several guys blow up due to getting on the sauce.