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Sporadic Weight Gain


I eat generally the same stuff throughout the week, averaging 2600-2800 calories per day and doing the same workout. My weight gain just started to seem like it was about to hit a plateau last week, as it went from 3 lbs, to 1.5, to 1. Then I got a shocker when I stepped on the scale and it turned out I gained another 2.5 lbs this week. I'm eating the same way, exercising the same way, and yet the weight gain is doing the ol' rollercoaster trick on me.



Weight gain is not a linear process.

Edit: that may not be the correct terminology. But in layman’s terms weight gain comes in spurts.


-other non exercise activity varies changing your daily energy expenditure

-you’re metabolic rate rises and falls in relation to changes in your intake or hormone levels

-your sodium/carbohydrate intake will affect water retention which will make you gain and lose weight regardless of your lbm or bodyfat levels. dehydration will drop your bodyweight quite a bit if you let it. what are your macros?

-you’re fucking something up with your measurements ie. weighing yourself with a full stomach one day then in the morning before food the next weigh in or visa versa or even with different or malfunctioning scales.

-you’re not eating what you think you are

none of that shit matters since if you look at the big picture you’re still up 22lbs in 3 months, which is great


If everything goes normal with diet, then my rest day carbs/proteins/fats is 200/200/100. On workout days, its 250/200/100. I drink a gallon of water a day and the only sodium spikes I have is if I eat canned tuna, which is rare.

I’m OCD about measurements, too. I use the same scale all the time and measure my waist/chest like five times each, exhaling, measuring, exhaling, measuring. I never have breakfast before measuring, not even a sip of water. Might be hormones because I masturbate a lot?


Dude, this is perfectly normal and has nothing to do with you pulling your pud.

Stop freaking out and keep doing what you are doing, it is working perfectly.


Well, I wasn’t freaking out. But thanks. I just want to make sure I’m do this right.


[quote]marrot wrote:
Well, I wasn’t freaking out. But thanks. I just want to make sure I’m do this right.[/quote]

Just make sure your lifts are going up and you’ll be straight



It bothers me when I see newbs keeping records like this when they don’t really understand their own biology or physiology well enough to even know what they are looking at…because it can ONLY hold you back. A “little” knowledge can fucking kill you.

Like other wrote, gains in muscle mass are not linear at all. There are spurts and lulls in growth. Keeping records like you are only helps if you understand how your body works.


Tbf aslong as he’s gaining weight whats the problem with keeping a tab?


[quote]captain slow wrote:
Tbf aslong as he’s gaining weight whats the problem with keeping a tab?[/quote]

Didn’t I just write what is wrong with it?