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Spontaneous PIP Problems

I’ve never really had recurrent PIP problems, and the only really problems with injection site pain was from virgin muscles. Recently, my left thigh has been getting really bad pip every injection (every 2 weeks in that muscle). My other injection sites (including right thigh) get a little bit sore but it’s no worse than the tiniest little pain for a day or two after injecting. I’ve even fully mangled my deltoid with a needle when I did my first delt pin and the PIP wasn’t even bad enough to stop me from destroying some OHP.

So what could be the issue with my left quad? It feels like someone took a sledgehammer to it, and has done for a few days after the last 3 injections there. I have no signs of infection there like swelling/discolouration, just the immense pain and the lack of mobility. It’s made me consider just taking my left quad completely out of it and finding a new injection site completely, but would that mean I should also take out my right quad for balance’s sake? That would be a shame since it’s the least anxiety-causing and the smoothest injection site I have on my body.


  • Why would a muscle start getting really bad PIP (no signs of infection)?
  • Would there be any issues with only pinning a muscle group on one side of my body (preferable some anecdotes would be appreciated)?

Granted all the variables are the same. Same dose, same brand of test, and same batch of test (just because it’s the same brand it could easily be a different batch) if all those things are the same then it’s almost impossible to speculate what the problem is.

Why would there be? I think that’s the better question. Test goes into the muscle and is absorbed in the blood it doesn’t matter which muscle really. There is reccomended sites for good reasons usually the bigger the muscle the better etc etc. But as far as pinning one side of your body it would make absolutely no difference. I almost always pin my left glute. Why? Because it feel the most natural when I’m standing to turn to my left. Not to say I never pin my right just not often.

I think the whole you must rotate injection sites thing is ridiculous. If it’s helps you mentally feel like your accomplishing something by all means do it. Is it necessary or does it help in any sort of way I believe the answer is no

Exact same vial and dose as my right quad pin last week. Yeah, I get the lack of speculation, was more just looking for possible reasons to look into than a definitive answer why this site is so painful.

The issue would more be a biomechanical thing. If I were to pin one side, even a little bit of pain, if it’s regular, would change the biomechanics of my squat and deadlift. More of a min/max question than a “will one side get much more effect?”, and if anyone has had any issues whatsoever with unbalanced pins.

Personally, I rotate sites so I can let them get some rest and to get some harder training in. It usually works out pretty well, having more intense lower body workouts earlier in the week up until my quad pin, then more intense upper body later up until my delt pin.

Thanks for you input, though. I think I’ll probably switch my left quad for my left glute (I hate glute pins) if there aren’t any problems. Might be more of a mental thing that means I’ve never done it unbalanced before.

Ya iv been thinking and I really can’t come up with anything. Altho I would suggest giving it a. Break for a couple weeks and trying again it might just be an irritation in the muscle.

As I said I pin my glutes. Iv tried my quads and delts and I don’t like it. Even the slightest bit of pip in my. Delts or quads make working that group annoying. When I pin my glutes I usually have no pip. Every once in a while I get a slight soarness but its nothing that bothers me working out even if it’s leg day.

Dont get me wrong I think if your able to rotate sites without issues then it’s a great idea. I know for diabetics rotating sites is a must they also pin 2-4 times a day and the reason for them is pinning in same spot over again can affect the uptake of insulin after a loooong period of time. We are injecting test or whatever it may be usually a couple times a week or maybe during a cycle with a short ester EOD but even then using the same muscle group for a few months isn’t a big issue.

Ultimately I think you will be 100% fine pinning one side especially in your case if you work it around your workout schedule to minimize how it affects your lifts. Wait a few weeks and give the problematic muscle another try. If it’s still and issue then I’d suggest seeing a docotor for further testing

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I’ll take your advice on board, cheers man.

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I have exactly same problem, especially left thigh, what ever i use or what ever amount=crippling pain and stiffnes. Cant train legs at all.

I just stopped pinning quads, I only pin my delts now since they’ve grown so much. I rotate around the side delt like a clock with a 25G 1" needle to prevent scarring.