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Spontaneous increase in T?

Just minding my own business; eating normally, normal workouts when ‘something’ happened over the course of last couple days. Out of nowhere I got a really bad case of acne, sex drive increased, and my strength jumped up. Anybody had one of these X-files kind of T increases?

I notice this sometimes too…maybe changes in stress levels have something to do with it, since it seemed like this last happened after my exams ended.

I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend and I’ve noticed that my libido is much higher when she is ovulating, but a few days later I’m a little moody kind of like PMS. Is it possible that a mans hormones can fluctuate according to a woman’s if they spend lots of time together. I’ve heard of women who spend a lot of time together having synchronous periods. Just a thought. Maybe I’ll research it. I’ll let you know if I find out anything.

I notice a change in weather seems to precipate things like that for me. Also when rebounding back from the use of t-boosting supplements it sometimes takes the body a while to reset itself.

I think testosterone levels can be a cyclical thing. I’ve definately noticed what you have observed at certain times. I remember reading that during the year, men’s t-levels peak in the fall months. Something to do with our ancestors needing to knock up the women folk around this time so babies would be born in spring when food was more plentiful. Maybe it’s the power of suggestion but since reading this years ago , I have noticed that some of my best strength gains have come in the fall months and I’m usually horny like a dog during this time. Oh wait, that 's all the time. Seriously, I also notice that Jan-Mar. my workouts suck and my libido decreases some. I really have to focus on having good workouts during this period.