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Ok guys i’ve been diagonsed with spondy about 4 weeks ago i havent been lifting like usual i do squat though behind my coaches back . Hes making me get a note that im fine but i can still squat . My grade of spondy is grade 1 and also i can make my lower back where my but is crack , its really wierd. But can anybody give me advice if my lifting days are over?

Also my chiropractor is 100 positive that i was born with this since birth since i told him the pain went away after a week. So please somebody give me some advice , im going to get my MRI on thursday.

Who diagnosed you with a spondy? What films were already taken? What level vertebrae is the spondy at? Was it a spondylosis, spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis?

How old are you? What activities/sports do you play? Which is your main focus for athletic participation?

Right now, without having all of your studies done, it a pretty damn stupid to be going and squatting. All you need is to create more slippage of the vertebral body and then you may go from a non-surgical approach, to a surgical situation.

My advice, STOP any axially loaded exercises and anything that would promote any type of lumbar movement (as that is where I am assuming you have the spondy) until you get the final word from a physician after the MRI is done.

AFTER a final diagnosis has been given, read up on Eric Cressey’s “Low Back Savers” series on this website - use the search function to find the articles. I think it is a 3 part series.

My chiropractor diagnosed me with it but he said i was born with it so is that any different? A Xray was taken im getting a MRi done tommorow the verterbrae was L5 grade 1 very little i am 17
i dont really play any sports just lift to get stronger

Did he say how he determined you were born with it? Was there any incident initially that made you go to see the chiro?

I would wait for the MRI. Have you seen any other physicians besides the chiro? Does the chiro you saw have any specialities?

I still say stop the activities that I listed previously until you get a final diagnosis. Do you have video of you squatting by chance?

yeah i do , the incident is that i went to heavy on a squat then my lower back felt uncomforable i shouldve stopped there but then i finished with deadlifts. the chiro said i would be still in pain if i just acquired spondylothesis so hes positive i was born with it. Once i go to the MRI and get the results i have to go to the orthopedic. Heres my video it was semi heavy for me this is a long time ago but here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRho_aw1qz4