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Spondylosis and Neck Training

A little question. Would a building up the muscles of the neck alleviate or prevent spondylosis of the cervical spine?
It is a pretty general question, since I was told that I might have a beginning of spondylosis, but I would also like to know what would this do in more severe cases…
Any opinions or advice?

Maybe. If you are in the early stages. I don’t know how much it will do for the actual disks, but it could help with the loss of blood flow to the connective tissues, and obviously your neck can never be too strong. Honestly though I’d see a doctor that specializes in sports medicine he could better tell you about the effects of exercise on a specific degerative disease. Take a look around the neck everything I’ve read says that physical therapy to strengthen the neck is generally the non-surgury option for Spondylosis.

I’m curious though how old are you? Spondylosis is generally a byproduct of aging. Did your doctor say what the cause is? Let me know how everything goes. We are studying the spine rght now in Physiology so I’m especially interested.