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Spondylolysis and HGH

Hey guys. I’m currently 24, have been active all my life, and hit decent numbers with olympic weightlifting. That was cut short due to pain I repeatedly had in my low back, and about a year, year and a half ago I came out of the bottom of a clean and felt my spine over extend.

Long story short, I had an MRI, X-ray (with flexion/extension images), and a bone scan done all within 6 weeks after that episode. I was ruled to have a pars defect on the left, nothing said on the right. Did some core work, conservative management, no olympic lifts/deadlifts/squats for 6 weeks, went back into things (albeit conservatively).

Fast forward to now, I have bilateral pars defects. I have little, if any, bony support left preventing a spondylolisthesis. I have some nerve signs, but only if I sit for an extended period of time. I was advised to take off from olympic weightlifting, and resume squatting or deadlifting in 6-8 weeks. I had tried a 12 day course of prednisone, and that alleviated my symptoms.

Point of all this? Well, if I were to consider using HGH, would I stand to benefit? I have no intention of getting a fusion within the next twenty years, and would really like to be able to participate in the lives of any children I may have.

Edit: I want to also include that I’ve been active on this site for several years underneath a different sn, but due to professional reasons cannot use my other sn.