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Spondilosis/Arm Nerve(?)


My aunt has her left arm numb from fingertips to elbow, can't lift mostly anything-wrist starts to hurt, turns off, and so does the biceps (hand seems to turn off). Doctor says it's from a spondilosis, and a neuralgya at the arm nerve (sorry, this is what I was told the doctor said). She's been in this condition for about 5 weeks (it started suddenly). I didn't really know where to ask... please help.
Many thanks Vlad


I would think a physical therapist or a chiropracter would be useful to consult.


take said arm. Hold out parallel to floor and in line with shoulder girdle.
Hold wrist in your hand. Twist sharply and wrench aswell. If she is still conscious then it may hurt. this will untrap the nerve.

Just in case you're a retard then don't do that. twas a joke.

It will be a nerve disorder clearly so go see a neurologist. The neurologist will then tell you to go to the physio if he thinks that will help.


Spondylosis is just basicaly degeneration of the spinal column it can have varying degrees of nerve inpingment depending on what is actualy going on in relationship to the nerves and bone structures, it would be far more advisable to seek a neaurosurgeons opinion rather than a neurologist from the start as the neurosurgeon actually deals with the mechanical aspect of the situation he then will guide you to a neurologist and others as needed, the most important thing to remember when dealing with structural anomolies which may have caused or be causing any type of neuropathy is the mechanics of the problem IE is it a repetitive use injury type of problem, a trauma situation causing a condition which simply will not heal causing the degeneration or a bone spur or misalignment etc.
But at the end of the day it needs to be assesed by competent medical personel. It always unnerves me when people ask medical advice on here not that there is anything wrong with hearing other peoples experiances but you do not want to be led into a false diagnosis which may be harmful. Take care and best of luck.


Many thanks. Of course I am not going to consider what I hear here as law, set in stone, or do without asking a doctor etc. (please excuse my English), but hearing from someone's else's experience can help, and at least give some ideas. Not to mention that I lack the time to go from doctor to doctor... At least now I know what kind of doctor I should ask for advice.
Thanks, Vlad


Is it the whole arm that is numb or is it only part of the arm? If part of the arm, which part? (lateral, medial, lower arm, upper arm, thumb and finger, etc.) This will help in narrowing down the likely culprit. What makes it worse? What makes it better? When/How did it begin? I would recommend the neurosurgeon consult as well as Physical Therapy. I would try the PT before any surgery since it is noninvasive and surgery can always be done later.