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Hate these type of sites. They are aggregators that compile information from public records and publish it for the world to see. Notice how they ‘partnered’ with reputation defender to get your info removed for a fee. That’s like Nards taking video of you dancing on the treadmill and then walking up and asking you to pay him not to stick it on youtube. Extortion, I tells ya!! The info I checked on myself and family seems mostly inaccurate/outdated. However, I ain’t paying the $3 to find out if juicy details like salary range and photos are more spot on. Good to know every Tom, Dick and gonna-pay-you-back-for-that-wedgie-you-gave-me-in-8th-grade-BTW-just-left-the-gun-show psycho can find my ass easier than ever. Check it out, and see how your info compares in the accuracy department.

Edit: I’m aware it’s public info in the first place and open to finding through more research-intensive means, before you less humorous, butthole tighter than snare drum types chime in.

Somebody posted how to opt out of this not too long ago.

Lol, they still have me living in FL, and that was almost severn years ago.

Screw it, what’s the worst that could happen? Someone steals my identity and improves my credit?

Someone said my name?

[quote]Nards wrote:
Someone said my name?[/quote]

Just the first example that came to mind. And to be clear, I fully endorse those actions.

[quote]theuofh wrote:
Somebody posted how to opt out of this not too long ago. [/quote]

how do you opt out?

Yea it’s pretty out of date… they have my late father’s info on there from years before he died.

Also, apparently I’m the only person with my first name/last name combination in the country.

yeah, try searching your email address or a username you tend to use a lot, then it has you dead to rights.

I’m not even on there. Yay!

Fortunately my name is anonymous enough that it’s somewhat difficult to find me.

I just hate that it’s not free.