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Spoiled Rotten


Anyone else see this article and video?
(video is at the bottom of the page)


Needing a little dicipline would be the understatment of the year!

She'd be nothing if not for her father and/or sister.


Because the rest of the "just old enough to drink" super-rich pop star crowd is filled with discipline? You have high school seniors today (from average income households) spending as much on their prom as some people used to spend on weddings. I wouldn't expect much in the way of "discipline" from too many of them unless it directly affects their bank account. Tell Entertainment Tonight thanks for running 2-3 years worth of footage about Paris Hilton. How else do you expect a barely there pop star princess to stay in the headlines?


Sex tapes.


Mmmmm... Jessica and ashlee


It's a drunk girl that wants french fries. I know plenty of regular teenage girls that do that.


I wonder why anyone cares?