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Spoiled Flax???

Fellow T-persons just a quick question about the condition of Flax Oil, I recently made an order from the protein factory of a large 32oz container of Flax, it arrived in a large white container, not sealed, seemingly they just filled the container in house and shipped it out. I’ve been completely satisfied with everything that i’ve received before, but this had a different taste than any of the Flax I’ve bought locally in the grocery store. It was a more bitter taste, and had a sinus clearing effect. Very strange!! Please tell me if it’s bad, or i’m crazy, or if I have perfectly good flax oil. Thanks in advance

Not sealed? Tastes bad? I’d be suspicious. Dump it. Get something from someone local where you can visually confirm the expiration of freshness date. There are lots of good deals to be found.

Sounds rancid to me…flax oil is very fragile and readily oxidizes in the presence of air if not refridgerated…good flax should come packed in a dark bottle (light and heat will oxidize the oil when opened and exposed to air)…and should come sealed with all the air removed from bottle and replaced with inert gas and then should be refrigerated after breaking the seal and opening…flax oil bottles can be frozen for longer storage…and should have a pleasant nutty flavor if fresh and not rancid…using rancid, oxidized oil negates the benefits…quality flax will be date stamped to ensure freshness…and buy smaller bottles to keep product fresh and not turn old.

I have to disagree with flax having a ‘pleasant nutty flavor’, it makes me gag when I take it…
but it should definately be sealed and kept cold to keep it fresh. Send it back to the protein factory and look for a local health food store. I’ve been very happy with Barleans brand. Every label lists when the flax was pressed and how long it will be fresh.

Usually Protein Factory’s products are pretty good, but I also had the same experience with their flax oil. It shouldn’t taste that nasty.

Go to a health food store or the health food department of a normal grocery store, you should find it in the refrigerated section. If it's not refrigerated then don't get it. I like Spectrum brand, it has the pressing date and the expiration date on it. Another option is to just grind up some flax seeds in a coffee grinder.