Spock's Official T-Nation Transformation

From a t-nation baby, to a t-nation child, and now…now a t-nation woman…(maybe)

Come a long ways, gotta long way to go :slight_smile:


Looking great Spock!!!

An awesome job Jenn. Looking good!

Amazing. If there’s a more impressive transformation on TN, it would be news to me.

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Wow! Way to get it done. Fantastic!

Thanks ya’ll!! :blush:

How much time between the first pic and last? Great job!!!

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Thanks! It’s about three years between the pics, give or take a couple months!

Wow! Nicely done. Feel free to add a few more after pics…:grin:

Nice job!
Keep it up.

Very impressive!

I recall a thread in BSL last year in which you mentioned you had uneven development. I stated that, unless someone has lop-sided insertions or severe injury history, hard dedicated work CAN balance them out and enhance symmetry.

Really nice to see you prove my point. So thanks for that and keep up the great work.

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I have to get deep tissue work done regularly cause most of my imbalances were/are caused by super tight muscles.

Gotta try to keep it under control or my crooked comes back with a vengeance !

And not a single visible RHCP tattoo.

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Seriously though, great work.

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hey thanks buddy !! :relaxed:

long time no forum chat witchu !!

Yes, I have been away for some time. It seems this place isn’t as busy as it used to be.

Hey Spock! I hit your username elsewhere and came across your pictures:

Greeeaaaaat Job!
Totally impressed. The photo on bottom left of the collage shows awesomeness :slight_smile:

Keep it goin’

Saw other posts and hope u got yer man issues lined out, and in re to the one when u asked if u were being a bitch: no u were not. The sex is a complementary thing not a primary function for a girlfriend, especially for a potential wife!

Peace :wink:

@Spock81 I know this is an old thread but, it popped up at the bottom and I was wondering how much you lost between photos.

Great job by the way

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Oh wow lol. I never get bumps!! I think it was about 25lbs

hey SpokieGurl!! I remember you posting the older pics - damned impressive with your transformation.

Glad you’re still hanging out here with the family - we like you

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