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Splitting Workouts


A recent job/schedule change has led me to a dilemma with my workouts. I've been lurking around here for awhile and value the input of this forums members. Curious to see what you all have to say about my plans moving forward.

27 yo
10-15% BF...never cared to measure but that's a rough guess.
Diet is clean and macros are loosely tracked. I follow an IF routine because it works well for my lifestyle.

6 Months ago I took on a new job and it completely hosed up my workout routine. My previous job was <5min from a good gym and I had an hour lunch break to go crank out a workout. Loved it...now I have a 1hr plus commute, 30min lunch (but my employer has a fitness center), and not a lot of time to workout of an evening due to kid's practices, activities and other things.

I've been trying to figure out my best option for working out. I enjoy lifting heavy but want to grow a little more. My companies fitness center has the dumbbells and various machines. I have the rack/bench but none of the other.

I've slowly been settling on a 5/3/1 BBB. Take the 30-45minutes (little flexibility in my lunch) and hit body part specific training with dumbbells, chins, pullups, and dips. Then doing my 5/3/1 main lifts at night.


OHP day - Shoulder focus
lunch (DB) - lat raises, dumbbell OHP, rear delt raise
night (BB) - following BBB OHP

DL day - Back, Bis focus
lunch - various rows, pulls, chins, curls
night - BBB deadlift

Bench day - Chest/Tris focus
lunch - incline db press, tri exts, etc
night - BBB bench press

Squat day - Legs
Lunch - leg ext, leg curls, leg press
night - BBB squats, RDLs

1. Am I completely retarded and need to scrap my plans?
2. Am I over thinking this and doing too much?
3. Please rip this apart and give me any advice you have. my workouts for the past 5 years have always been cut and dry.


Do it the other way around. Strength at lunch, assistance at night.


For me and others it seems heavy early and lighter later seems to work but if you get results it is all good. At home i have little space and equipment so push ups, pull aparts, dumbells etc... Earlier at gym squat rack etc...


Sorry for long delay in responses.

I would prefer to do heavy first but that would require waking up at 430, an hour earlier than current. I'm not much of a morning person tbh. keeping volume high and diet in check should net results regardless of timings, at least in my mind...


Maybe you can ask your employer to have an hour lunch? You could come in a half hour early. If you explain it's for your health they might bend for you especially since it'll benefits them as well (Less health care costs).