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Splitting Workouts into AM & PM on Same Day?

The current program (Brian Alsruhe) I’m doing consists of strength giant sets followed by technique sets at 10x3, 5x5, or 4x8 of a different movement. For example, if the giant sets were some sort of Deadlift then the technique sets would be squats . . bench is paired with OHP and vice versa. My question is, with a limited schedule (family, work, etc) is it possible to do the strength sets early in the morning and do the technique sets in the evening? or would doing this reek havoc on recovery?

Whether or not it affects your recovery depends on how good your recovery is.

I personally think if you eat enough, you’ll be fine. Give it a shot, see what you think!

What program is it by name? I’m familiar with his programming and have run a couple programs. Giant sets suck.

I don’t see why it’d be an issue as far as recovery. Shieko has programmed 2 a days for lifters. Of course the intensity is very low generally.

the Mass Builder program . . I’m going to try doing the strength giant sets in the morning and the technique sets and assistance in the evening

Unless very limited numbers of exercises and sets, and you have a home gym to train around your own hours these types of programmes are only used by full time athletes, and they usually take PED’s.

So if you don’t honestly fit into that category there are probably more suitable options for you if you want results for mass building(esp if you are natty).

I would disagree. If you’re just taking a single session plan and splitting it into two sessions, there’s minimal additional physiological stress

It’s the same total work, you’ll be okay.

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As long as it fits your schedule and you don’t mind taking two showers, you’re okay

@j4gga2 counter point to that to play devil’s advocate - because you’ve accumulated some additional rest between sessions, you should be able to hit things with more intensity due to less acute fatigue, which may actually make the totality of overall stress greater. But to your point, with proper programming this shouldn’t be an issue.


Counter-counter point (just adding to the discussion, not trying to start an argument): some coaches/scientists think that exercising under pre-existing fatigue will generate more fatigue than the same training load executed without fatigue

In the original bulgarian system, athletes were training for hours in 2 or 3 sessions per day, separated by the cigarette break or lunch, and they didn’t die. Granted they were elite genetic and drugged to the gills but still

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Thanks for the input . . I do train at home and just to give an idea this morning the workout was:
12 pull-ups
10 BTN push presses @125
:30 sec sledgehammer swings
:90 sec rest
10 pull-ups
8 BTN push presses @145
:30 sec sledgehammer swings
:90 sec rest
8 pull-ups
6+(10) BTN push presses @165
:30 sec sledgehammer swings

took under 30 mins including warm-up

then this evening the workout will be:
10x3 Bench press w/chains EMOM
supersetted w/
5 single-arm BB rows (alternating sides ea. round)

& some arm-over-arm sled drags ss w/ close grip push-ups

Depends on the program, and the intensity he trains at. I don’t know much about Brian Alsruhe, but he’s obviously doing fairly serious amounts of PED’s. I find most trainers that take gear, don’t have any idea about how to train natties. I take PED’s these days. The biggest mistake a natty can make is trying to train like the guys he is trying to emulate. Take some PED’s, totally different matter.

I don’t know if that’s true but that’s an entirely different question…

Add also that was their job.
Yeah people forget that’s all they did.
Eat sleep train and shit

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