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Splitting Up Workouts

Are there benefits to splitting up lifting and cardio? After losing my job I have found alot of extra time in the day…So I thought why not take advantage. If I have time to workout in the morning and the afternoon would it be beneficial to split up my weight training and my cardio? Or should I just do it all at once?

When scheduling and time are not issues I prefer…

Fasted steady-state cardio first thing in the morning along with any core specific training I may have scheduled.

Weight training in the afternoon at would be my regular time.

sorry to hear about the job loss, hopefully something will come around soon for you…

answer: There are pro’s and con’s to both, and depending on what type of training and cardio your doing will also vary the answer, as well as your goals.

A little bit more information about your weight training, cardio and short term goals are needed