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Splitting Up Training Session


Due to scheduling I will be able to to train early at 5 AM and again at school during a 1 hour break, both times for about 30 Min. Would there be an ideal training split/rep range when following something like this? Or should I just keep my normal training and split it up?


Make sure you adjust your nutrition accordingly..
It's a lot more important.


Why?? Not saying you're wrong, I'm honestly curious. If you train twice for 30 mins, with the same volume you would have done in one workout for an hour, what would require the emphasis on nutrition?


I would split your normal workout into two parts. Normally you can find an easy way to split them. Personally i like doing heavier in the morning then pump at night but there are others that like the opposite See which works best


Thanks for the response. This is why I was asking if a certain split would be better. If I train chest/triceps would it be necessary to go for 30 min for both?


Well, I suppose if you were going to go with the exact same amount of volume and intensity as you would with one session, merely split in to two sessions, then in the grand scheme you probably wouldn't need to change up anything other than the timing of your carbohydrate intake.
You'd want to make sure to replenish your muscle glycogen after your first workout, to make sure your body was properly fueled for your second workout.

I don't really know why you'd do it like that though, why not take the chance to up your intensity during both sessions?
Then you get to eat more, and who doesn't like eating more?


Personally id do something like:
Chest am
Back pm

Legs am
Shoulders pm

Tri am
Bi pm

Thursday off

Friday repeat

Or id lift one session and do cardio in another session. The opportunities are endless I plan on experimenting with a twice a day split when I get out of the army.

That's just me. And each workout would probably only consist of about 6 sets 10sets if I was doing like 5x5


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BBB's method is what i like to do.