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Splitting up Surge servings/cutting

I’ve been splitting up my Surge in half servings, taking half during workout and the other half post-w as per John Berardi’s rec. My question is, is this also recommended for cutting phases or just for mass? Thanks in advance!

I’ve been doing that with a moderately low-carb diet. I have oatmeal, ap, and cottage cheese in the morning (39g carbs), then I eat P&F meals until I work out at 8pm, half a serving a surge while training, and half after 30 mins of cardio. Then an hour later, about 30 mins before bed, I have cottage cheese and ap (12 carbs)… this is about 100. I also have a few scoops of ap and couple pieces of cheese with my chicken breasts and tuna throughout the day. Total carbs on workout days comes out to around 120. I’ve dropped 34 pounds in 6.5 weeks. I really don’t think Surge hinders fat loss… for me anyways. Good luck commander.

Ryno, awwsome results! You da man! Are you just watching carbs or are you counting all calories? Alessi and Shugart have both said that just watching carbs (100) can lead to great results. I think Cy also said 100 carbs per day.

Hey thanks dude. But yeah, I count calories, carbs, protein, and fat. Right now cals are at about 2200. I think I have everything pretty much dialed in now… I don’t even get hungry anymore. It’s all just fuel to me now… well, thats not totally true. I do know that I can’t wait for my six pack to show so I can start moggin out again (I haven’t had a cheat meal in over a month. ;[) I’m gonna do it clean this time though. I was up to 198 at one point… I was actually coming home from my workout and eating like a steak, a protein shake, and a whole box of kraft mac n cheese… thats like 2000 calories right there. Now I’m down to like 164 (yeah, yeah I know I’m a skinny shit)… but my arms measure the same, and I’m putting up more weight. I’m really not sure what the hell happened… I’ve never had a real bodyfat reading done… and I’m pretty sure I still got a couple of weeks of dieting left. I just hope I don’t have to go below 150. But hell, even if I do I know how to eat & train now so putting on lean mass shouldn’t be a problem. Take it easy bro.